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flutter shy

Death of a freind

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I had this freind named Logan he was severly brain damaged because epilepsy he drooled :drool:  he could not walk :wheelchair:  he could not talk he was paralized but he was the sweetest boy I ever met I alway said hi to him every day and hugged him that may not sound special but every day kids would pretend he was not there I asked my freind why dont you say I to logan this is what she said ''you are not the boss of me''  but anyway I was his very good freind  :hug:  for two years than one day it was the night after chirmas he had a huge seizure he went in the ambulance but the could not save him and he died :angel:  . this how I found out he died one day I was watching sponge bob with my TV head phones my mom was on face book and she said aww and I said what is wrong and she said take off your head phones I did and she said your freind Logan died I hugged her and I sobbed so hard :crying: and he died was 4 day before his birthday :birthday:

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