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I don't think I saw this in my search but in case I missed it...I'm sorry.  :crying:



Anyway, my question is: Can threads be "resurrected"? If I had something to say that goes with the topic can I post in the thread even if the last post was x months earlier? Or should I start a new thread for that topic/leave it alone?


Just curious as I've seen different rules on different sites regarding this issue.

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If it's a debate or discussion that you can meaningfully add something too (more than just a smiley or "I agree!) go for it. However, if you're going to add on to a discussion you should try to read the whole thing because your points may have already been discussed. 


If it's a prayer request or testimony that's over a few months old there's like a 94% chance the member is no longer here so don't bother. I always find it super weird when people dig up two or three year old threads and are like "I'll be praying" . 


Edit - There is no hard and fast rule about thread necromancy on the forum though. You're not gonna get in trouble. 

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