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Battle Scars

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Me wondering every night when am I going to be free. I been suffering depression all my life and it only got worse. I started to cut and attempt suicide multiple times.


I am the type of person that hides her problem from everyone else. In the outside I show people that I am fine and that I am completly normal. But in the inside i am dying. I isolate myself from people because I am afraid to get hurt again. I even push my family away from me. The more i kept my problems to myself, the more the pain grew and the more the depression got.


I don´t open myself up which is sad because i am dying inside. I hate people. I hated myself. But then God saved me. Now, he is breaking my chains and little by little he is transforming me. I may not know why I am going through this depression and these battles but I know that I will help people that is going through the same things as I did.


my dream and my passion is to help the youth. I want to save those youth from the hands of the devil. 



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Before you help others (a very kind and generous offer) you must help yourself. 


Although God teaches that we must care for others (3 John 1:2 for ESV version "Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.") 


Please look after yourself and look for medical help. Depression is something that can be treated and God would want you to use your resources and seek those who can care for you. 

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