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I would guess that I've written perhaps two hundred poems over the past four years, of which I've saved about sixty. I've improved at least by comparison to where I was, if not significantly, but I feel that two things are weighing down upon me more and more:


- A sense of place in history. I've had to study the Aeneid this year, and one of the most striking aspects of the text is that Virgil - and, I think, the Romans in general - seemed to have a very clear sense of Rome's role in history as a whole. I'm not sure I can say the same about myself, or the culture I live in.


- ​Purpose. Or maybe 'poetic mission'. Why write, and what do we hope to achieve? Surely there has to be a greater motivation than my own catharsis.


Why do you write? Why should we write? What should we hope to achieve?

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