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We need some serious prayer right now. We have about $400 in bills due on the 15th, and we get only $150 on the 15th.  And so we need about $250 in the next two days. We have an online shop, and we can get sales up until Wednesday and if we get any on Wednesday then it'll be available on Friday.


I will keep this board updated if any of the amount needed changes. And my dad really really would like to sell these really cool dragon bookends.




Please pray that we make the amount in sales that we need! If anyone would like to purchase, they can see our shop here. Anything will be appreciated, even the $1.90 bookmarks we have. Every penny counts. Even prayers help! Prayers are the best and greatly appreciated! I really thank you all for your prayers!





Please, I do understand if no one wants to buy, but even prayers help! God will put it on peoples hearts to buy, even if their total strangers and not even anyone from here! Even prayer works and I know God will provide the money we need!

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I just want to thank the ones who have been praying even though no one has responded saying they were except for Pm's. Well, my dad asked us to put a * on the prayer list under finacial for us, and for our church that means we need prayer really really badly. Well, we watched someones dog a month or so ago, we wouldn't accept money because it was a favor for a church friend, well they said they had something for our family, it was a thank you note. I stopped them while we were waiting for my dad to pick us up from church Wednesday night, and I told them I had their container and my dad was bringing it because I had forgotten it when I was heading to the church.


And so then she took out a walmart giftcard and said "I'll just give it to you now if I don't I'll forget" and she wrote $50 on it! And as someone else was leaving the church they walked by me gave me an envelope and just walked off (We had said goodbye before) And then I opened it after they left, it was a $50 bill! It's not everything we needed, but it's what we needed at the time! God is so good!



God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

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