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Historical RP interest check

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I know our beloved RP section is dead in the water but maaaaybe there's a chance of salvaging it once holidays start? I was thinking a historical RP would be fun for once and seeing there's only a few of us I could work characters into a close knit story where every character is essential to the plot and I'll tailor it to who people make.

Any takers? And if so, any preference to time period?

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I'm not much into RPs, actually never done one on a forum, but I sure love my history. If enough people sign up and want to do this, count me in. My character might be blander than bland, but I'll give it a shot.


Not any real preferences to time period. I'll prefer pre-1900s because that is my strong suit, but anything will work.

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This would probably grab me (I won't be able to do anything until a week tomorrow tho). I'd be happy with most periods, but I do have a soft spot for the 20th century ;) 

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Ah sweet! I'll give it a think and come up with some different scenarios and see what people like x

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Right so here's a few ideas to get us started! Obviously all ideas are welcome, this is just a brain storm more than anything. Im trying to make a diverse list of locations and periods but obviously my lack of knowledge is going to hamper that so if you can think of something im missing i'll love you forever!


My plan is this could be like an anthology thing so the scenarios shouldn't be *too* long and epic and have a clear end point. 

King Arthur (5-6th Century AD)
Basically the King Arthur story drawing upon the different eras myths about him to create a grounded alternative history where he staves off the Anglo-Saxon invasion and must rebuild what is left of the kingdom as Mordred plots against him. Scenario will begin on the celebration of the victory against the Saxons and end on a reimaging of the Battle of Camlann. Characters will be pre-made using details from Arthurian legend but with room to be creative. 


French Revolution (18th Century)
Takes place during the Great Terror, although I imagine we could also do one that takes place during the seige of Bastille and the Great Fear. Players have more freedom with characters and will be able to choose between Revolutionaries, nobles, commonfolk and everything in between.


Victorian England (19th Century)
Im quite fond of this idea I must admit. It will be a drawing room murder mystery in the style of Conan Doyle which expands into a political conspiracy at the heart of the absent Queen Victoria's court. It will draw upon the new technology of the times, the dark secrets of colonial rule, the development of the sci-fi and horror genre(although this would just be hinted at rather than full blown Cthulhu riding in on a steam powered airship), a mysteriously absent monarchy, politics on the continent, and just what is Mr Brown's intentions with the grieving Queen? Players will be given a list of character archetypes typical of this period and its literature but will have a lot of freedom within it. Each character will have their own set of knowledge and could even be involved in some way making everyone have some unique role to the plot. 


Naval/Pirate RP - Ching Shih (18-19th Century)
Ching Shih, the unrivaled female pirate of Qing China who commanded thousands of men, women and children. No country has been able to defeat her and with amnesty to pirates on the horizon she takes her prized ship on one last mission before retiring for good. She's said you'll get untold riches for following her, but do you trust her? Would you follow her anyway or betray her the sake of fortune? And just what is it  she keeps under lock and key in the trunk of her quarters? Players will have freedom to make the character they want with whatever motivation to be there, with one or two players being plot bunnies for the story.

Could also easily adapt this for a Age of Discovery plot if people prefer.

Western Frontier (19th Century)
Standard wild west! Got a few ideas for this but a fun way would be to set it over a year from the settling of the town during its initial expansion and the various scenarios and threats. Players will play various townsfolk of their choosing. You should have a wide variety of character options here. Easily adaptable to scenarios outside of the western front.

Richard III (15th century)
Alternative history set after the infamous Princes in the Tower. Edward V survives and returns to the court upon the eve of Bosworth. Players will take control of Richard III, Edward V, Henry Tudor and a number of influential people of the court. Political RP where people wrestle for control of the throne.

Misc (i.e. I still need to think how the story would go)

  • Russian Revolution (20th Century)
  • Cold War Spies (20th Century)
  • Just any old Downtown Abbey style drama set wherever you fancy. Lots of potential here!
  • Ancient Rome - Political RP set in the Senate 
  • If people want a short one then you could replicate various wars which are just about a single mission or characters through a campaign i.e. Napoleon's Russian Campaign, Battle of Agincourt, WWII etc.
  • Some smaller political dramas would be nice i.e. The creation of the Anglican church in England - will you stand for or against Henry VIII? An alternative fall of Caesar, The madness of King George, all that.
  • Mysteries are always fun - either alternative history or just set in a particular period. Thomas Beckett inspired medieval murder mystery sounds rather fun actually.
  • RPs based on real life historical mysteries/myths. A fictional take on the Mary Celeste, a redoing of the destruction Library of Alexandria, the lost colony of Roanoke blah blah blah


Okay im bored now... Let me know what you gravitate towards!

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Great suggestions. I'll get back to you after I do some research on a few of these suggestions.


I like the idea of starting off with smaller stories before going into something larger. Seeing that the RPG section has been dormant for so long, it might take awhile to get everyone up to speed. Ideas you posted that would be good for short threads are battles, mysteries, and very specific events.

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Personal Rankings:


King Arthur: 9/10

French Revolution: 9/10

Victorian England: 6/10

Naval/Pirate RP: 8/10

Western Frontier: 4/10

Richard III: 6/10

Russian Revolution: 7/10

Cold War Spies: 8/10

Downtown Abbey Style: 3/10

Ancient Rome: 7/10

Battles: 9/10

Historical Mysteries: 7/10


Extra Ideas:


Charles Edward Stuart and the Jacobites (1700's England)

First Jewish-Roman War (66-70AD Israel)

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Apologies for going quiet on this, just wrapping up Uni this week and i'll start getting some things in motion o/ Im probably just going to have to go with whatever I think will be easiest first if for no other reason than to finish a darn RP on this site.

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