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Pain don´t make you weak, it gets you stronger.

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Hello everyone. For those who don´t know me. My name is Michi and I just want to talk about this topic that God had put  in my heart to talk, even though I don´t want to but I have to obey.


Everyone goes through pain. Some people deal with it in different ways. Me when I have gone through  so many battles I deal with it by cutting. I never really talked about my problem. I just keep them to myself and the more I keep my problems quiet, the more pain fill up my heart. What I am trying to say that all the battles and pain that you go through doesn´t make you weak. It makes you stronger and a better person then you were before. The battles and the pains gets you closer to God. It doesn´t leave God but gets you even closer to him.


Alot of people hate me because of how I am. I really don´t care what people say about me or do to me because I don´t feel pain anymore. I stop having feelings. I been going through so much that i am use to the pain. But God is helping me little by little. Also, don´t keep your problems to yourself. It is really dangerous. Trust me I know. It lead me to cutting and attempting suicide.



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