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I wish this could end

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I have always been the strong type of person, never gives up and fights any attack with all that I have. But this year everything became too much for me to even bare. It's supposed to be my last year at school but after I got my results, I have to rewrite. I am a very hard worker and all teachers at school know that. I've always received A's and B's and nothing below. I am a homeschooling student. I trusted the school that I am enrolled at that they would never fraud my mother neither do anything that will jeopardise my education. I met a teacher last year for a one on one tutorial and when he met me he treated me like I'm stupid and know nothing at all he even told my mom that I wont make it and my mom confronted him to not speak so negatively. I worked hard to prove him wrong and I got a B for the subject he teaches me. When my mom communicated with my student advicer about my marks, she told her that that teacher was shocked about my marks and thought it was impossible.

This year I went for pre exam tutorials with other learners and that same teacher was tutoring us. When he asked us questions I eoild raise my hand to answer and he'd refuse that my answers were correct but when I checked in my textbook I realised that my answers were indeed correct. He was still very cold towards me for no reason.

On the same day I asked for my marked assignment which was marked by him and he said he did not finish marking it. A month down the line 4 days before my exam the teacher sent me my assignment and he gave me 30%. And to find out he actually marked this assignment few weeks before I asked for it. I went to the exam room with a distraught heart feeling that I will never pass. And my last exam he sent me another assignment with a fail 30 minutes before my exam, this time around this assignment was marked 3 months before the exam. Secondly the assignment was not even mine.

We confronted the school but they are not doing anything about this teacher.

Another issue is that the school frauded my mom. She paid 6 months before my exam but they only brought my books 1 month before my exams. My mom insisted that they should move my exam date as it is their fault but they refused to do so. That same exam I failed it and the school did nothing about it. They are akso still holding to the money my mom paid for another subject that I cancelled and are refusing to pay her back.

I do not know what to do anymore. I am exhausted to pray. I need someone to pray for my mom and I. This situation has gone so bad there are even some other stuff I cant share. It has got worse to the point where I am now going for therapy, and I have stress ulcer and suffering from deep depression.

I am not the only student to struggle like this. My friend dropped out of school at grade 10 as they made her write the wrong exams continously and not mending the situation, but rather frauding her parents by making her to pay again to write the right exams.

I need prayers so that this can end.

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Wow ,i can understand what your going through,and teachers in the school system, or the system it self are not very supportive of people stepping out of traditional schooling so this alone makes them hostile towards you,i think its because its a threat to regular teaching when people take their own routes. But more and more people are ,theres even a decline in on campus enrollment, instead there choosing online schooling. 

Anyways im praying for you, keep going and remember youve got this awesome helper,GOD ,who is for you when others are against you. Hope the best for you.:)

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