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We are the light that shines through the darkness

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We are the light for the youth in our school. I am the only Christian in my school and it is kind of hard to share the word with people who don´t believe in him or people who just thinks it´s funny. I am the light that shines through the darkness in my school. The enemy attacks the christian youth so much because we are the future, the leader, the light that overcomes darkness. Yeah school is really hard for me trust me. I get messed with in school and people make fun of me because I believe in God. But we have to learn that people will always talk and what people say shouldn´t get to us. Let them talk. Let them throw rocks at you. But always remember that God will fight for you. 


Knowing that you are the light in your school makes the enemy mad. He tries so many way to destroy you but he can´t because God is with you. Alot of people look at me strangly, alot of people reject me because there is something in my that they can´t explain that they hate. We have to be strong my people and we have to keep on preaching the word of God to these youth.


God bless you all

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I can relate- kind of. It's not as if I'm exactly rejected as such, but I do feel isolated in a place where I shouldn't. But reading this reminds me of the hope of God!!

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