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lonely girl in love

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you don't need a guy to be happy, don't be sad about that. The right guy will come at his own time just don't think about it as much

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you don´t need a guy to be happy. all you need is God. God gives you the joy that you need and be patient. God will bring you the right person. Just wait for the right moment. God bless you!

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 Let me preface this post by saying I will not be one to say "It'll happen in time!" It was about 10 years ago that people started telling me that I'd be in a relationship "soon." 10 years is not "soon" by any human standard.  I am 25 and have always been single, even throughout the teen years. Being told I was "next" led to false hope, despair, anger towards God and a lot of grief.  I will not be one to spread false hope. That being said, I will spread real hope.  The fact is: you can learn to be happy and content in your singleness. A romantic relationship is not a guarantee in this life. It may happen, it may not. What you should do is have a strong enough relationship with God and other people in your life and enough self-love to be okay, whether you meet "the one or" not. I've been a lovesick teenager before. I can relate to your feelings. 

My first piece of advice: 

Grow your relationship with God. Get close to him, tell him your worries and cares. He has a lot to say about us in His Word. How's your prayer life lately?  Wherever it is, don't let it stagnate. Out of all the relationships you have, this one is the most important.

 Secondly, stop listening to love songs for now. They are making things harder than they should be. Save your tears for something else. There's plenty of music about other topics.
 Love songs magnify the feeling of love, the warm fuzzies and the myth of love at first sight. What they don't talk about is how to cope when the one you love hurts you, when you fight or disagree. The songs don't speak of commitment and how much work relationships actually take. They're shallow, merely stopping at infatuation and they're tripping you up.

I'd advise you to work on your own self-confidence and self-efficiency. Go out and make some friends at school or church. Building solid friendships will help fill the void for human relationship. We are wired as humans to have relationships with God and each other. Friends will fill that gap and keep your mind from your singleness.  Go have fun! 

Learn to love you. Who you are both inside and out.  Have someone you trust, a friend, a parent, write down character qualities you have on sticky notes and place those notes in a place where you'll see them every morning.  Read them out loud. Tell your reflection things like "I love you." and "You're beautiful."  Learn how to be the kind of significant other you would want to have. 

This is probably the hardest advice I have for you, but, here it is: be happy for those girls who are a relationship. Don't go over the top, a simple, genuine "Good for you guys" and then carrying on will suffice.   You are only an observer to their relationship. Maybe it's going sour. Maybe it's shallow. Maybe it IS going well. Don't dwell on what other people have and then look at disdain at what you're rocking. Being jealous is no way to live.

All of these things take work. You're not going to nail them on the first try, you have to work at it and be working at it daily. Self-love and building relationships takes time.  Consider it practice for if you ever do get that romance you desire. It's work. It's rewarding, but it's work.

The hope I have to spread?  By learning to love yourself and grow in the Lord, you WILL find contentment. With contentment comes joy and happiness. This joy never leaves and that happiness that spreads to others. 

And that joy WILL happen in time. 


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^ Excellently put Beckeh. 

Go be awesome and awesome things will happen to you. Build your relationship with God up, build yourself up, and go be where people are. Things will happen if and when they need to happen. 

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