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Abdul hameed

Joining relegion christian

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I clearly say that I am from pakistan', live in islamabad and want to convert in Christian relegion. I am jobless and want to settle in canada. Now what I am do for this

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It's great that you're desiring to come to God. Becoming a Christian isn't about saying a special prayer; you need to make a genuine decision for yourself that Jesus alone is God and that it is through Him alone one can reach Heaven. And that Jesus died for your sins and rose again to forgive you of your sins. When you put for faith in God and commit your life to Jesus you enter into a personal and permenent relationship with God.

I like the way Greg Steir puts it:

 “If you are trusting in Jesus today you can express your newfound faith in Christ by simply repeating these words in your heart to God, ‘Dear God, (pause) thank you so much for sending your Son to die in my place for my sins. (pause) I believe Jesus died on the cross, was buried and rose again. (pause) I trust in him to forgive me for all of my sins. (pause) I receive this free gift of eternal life through faith right now.” Then I remind them that this prayer didn’t save them but their faith in Jesus does.

If you are serious about becoming a Christian then I encourage you to seek out local Christians and get involved with a church. I realize being in Pakistan is a very dangerous place for Christians, so I encourage you to find help from other Christians you can trust beyond a doubt, then either leave Pakistan to get to a safer place for Christians. The only reason I can see for staying in such a country is if you're safe enough, and feel called by God, to bring the Gospel and God's good news to people you know who are lost ( or don't know Jesus). 

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