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Please Pray For My Kokumn's (Grandma's) Cousin Doris.

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Hello all,

I'm Kailey aka F1nding Faith... and today I found out some sad news. :(

My Kokumn's (grandma's) Cousin Doris was diagnosed with kidney failure very recently, and is in critical condition. She is currently in the hospital at the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), and my kokumn is afraid that she won't make it through the night. I also ask for prayers for my Kokumn as well, as she is also going through Kidney failure, but she is currently on dialysis and is stable. Her cousin i'm not sure if she is on Dialysis or not... Me and my family are praying for her, and all we ask is for more kind, heartfelt prayers. We all would be eternally grateful. <3 Thank you to those who read / are currently reading my prayer request. I intend to keep you all updated on Doris's condition.


Kindest Regards,


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