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is it okay to love a teacher?

is it okay to love a teacher  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. is loving a teacher wrong

    • yes it is absolutely wrong
    • no, it is okay to love a teacher
    • I don't feel like answering this
    • I'm not sure
  2. 2. Did you ever love your teacher

    • yes but that was years ago
    • no i don't like my teachers
    • why should i tell you
  3. 3. Final question: what should I do i I love my teacher

    • Hide your feelings, no one should know
    • talk to someone about it
    • dream about you and the teacher together
    • other

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Romantic? Uh. No. That's a conflict of interest. If you were to "make a move" and he reciprocated, it could cost him his job. If he's your FORMER teacher, and you're both of age and such, go for it. 
  Dreaming about him/her/them will only lead to more romantic-ky stuff in the brain, don't do it!

Friendly? Why not? But the poll doesn't specify which love though so I can't exactly vote. :P

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i think that it is wrong to loveyour teacher romanticallly but loving them as friends are okay.

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Your options don't provide adequate options for my response. 

1. It's definitely not wrong to care about your teacher and admire them. It's also not wrong for you to have romantic feelings for your teacher, even if it's a little misguided. The issue here is if you act on those romantic attractions, which would probably be wrong. The bigger problem is if your teacher returns those romantic feelings/actions or really gives you any sort of special treatment. Maintaining professional relationships is a big deal for educators.

2. I admired many of my teachers. No romantic feelings though. Just was never a thing. 

3. Tell someone if you want but you probably shouldn't act on your attraction, or really even interact with your teacher outside of school activities. If a teacher gets caught doing that kind of nonsense and there's even a suspicion of a romantic situation happening between them and a student they could loose their job or licence.

Here's my question to you. Why do you like your teacher? Are they good looking? Friendly? Do they give you specific help, attention, gifts, or privileges?  

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