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in love with a farm employee

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there is this 18 year old named lucas who is very sweet, and lets me tell him anything.   I allmost kissed him because i love him so much! i need help controlling my love for people

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So... you got over the teacher? :P

In all seriousness, it sounds like you need to guard your heart a little closer. Don't let your want of a S/O cause you to do things you might regret, such as kissing farm boys you just met or trippin' over teachers. Your heart is precious and special, but for it's own good, it needs to be reigned in. The heart can "want who it wants", but it shouldn't control any of your actions or other aspects of your life. You're allowed to have feelings, but you needn't act on them. Acknowledge that they exist and carry on about your day. No need to contemplate acting on them. Leave the idea alone. 

I wouldn't say you're "in love" with this person either. Actually,  I feel like a quote from Steven Universe does a good job: "Love at first sight doesn't exist. Love takes time, and love takes work. At the very least you have to know the other person."   Love is something that takes time to nurture and grow. Relationships happen through connections and those things take a lot more than just time and spilling your guts and swooning over someone. 

Breathe. Give your relationship status to God. Crushes are fine, but if they start being obsessive, or the other person doesn't seem interested, you have to accept that and tone it down or else you'll scare your love interest away.

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not tryiing to sound mean but it seem like that you need to make up your mind. First the teacher and now the farm boy? if i were you i would wait on God and wait for the right person.

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Have friends. Friends can like you without doing kissing or anything if that nature. I find friendships really helped me get that connection I needed. 

Guard your heart. Sometimes we are trying to fill a hole in our lives either before we are ready or instead of putting Jesus in that place. 

Hows your relationship with God? Jesus had lots of friends and it's good to connect with people, but would you say you are totally ready to get married? I wouldn't have said that about myself at your age. I would prepare myself and guard my heart for the future if I were you. 

If anything, commit to at least 6 months of platonic friendship. If the feelings are still there and things might look like you are both heading in the same direction in life, ask God what he thinks.

  1. (of love or friendship) intimate and affectionate but not sexual.
    "their relationship is purely platonic"

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