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Star Wars Rogue One

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So, who else has seen this latest Star Wars film?

I saw it today and thought it was ok, but not special. 

The main character was ok and the droid was very funny. But I didn't find the characters or the storyline to be very compelling. There were some beautiful shots of the Death Star as well.

Here are some spoiler thoughts:

What is with Darth Vader's voice? He sounded like a cheap voice actor soundalike. I was surprised that James Earl Jones was in the credits as his voice.

The end scene with Darth Vader - why? It's obviously just for the coolness of seeing Darth Vader kill people. But in real life Vader wouldn't have been invading a ship by himself. 

So... the rebels use one of their much smaller ships to nudge a Star destroyer into crashing into and destroying another star destroyer? And then the Star Destroyer sinks into the giant shield and destroy it... seriously?


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Oh, you didn't like it much? I personally thought that it was fantastic. Better than Episodes 1 and 2 by far, and I'd even go as far as to say better than Episodes 3 and 7 as well. It felt very Star Wars-y, very connected to the Original Trilogy. I loved the use of archived footage and animation to bring back characters. Maybe I'm the tiniest bit biased, due to the fact that the Original Trilogy was pretty much the only movies I watched as a child, but still. ;) 

I thought that for the most part, the characters were good. They were quite likeable, and while I didn't feel a large connection to the majority of them, they were good enough to pull me into the story. I personally hated K-2SO. As much as I love Alan Tudyk, droids don't act like that. Though everyone I saw the movie with loved him, so I guess that's more of a personal opinion.

The storyline was pretty fantastic. It did an amazing job of patching up plot holes in A New Hope (like why in the world the Death Star had such a large flaw). And while it had a few slow parts, I found it to be quite engaging overall. The scenery, as well, was absolutely gorgeous. There were a couple places that would make awesome Battlefront maps. :)

I've got no idea how to hide stuff, so just highlight below for my responses to your spoiler thoughts.

I didn't really notice anything wrong with his voice. But then again, he didn't play a huge part in the movie.

That's obvious. Rogue One ends just minutes before A New Hope begins. And what happens at the beginning of A New Hope? That's right, Vader captures Leia. Who is on the ship. It's absolutely beautiful how they connect the ending of Rogue One to A New Hope.

It's Star Wars, how much realism can you expect? I will admit that seemed a little off to me as well. Though if you think about it, there's no air to cause friction and slow down moving objects. Maybe it's actually possible for that to happen?

So yeah, those are some of my own thoughts.

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I saw it again yesterday (actually the day before) and I liked it a lot better.

I found the two main characters more compelling. 

Darth Vader's voice still sounded wrong though. :P

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