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There are alot of great secular animated tv series for any age like The amazing world of Gumball, Star vs the forces of evil, We bare bears and other current or previous shows. But there's not much varied animation series for us christians let alone non-kids targeted (because i think the industry keeps it simple and thinks only kids enjoy cartoons which isn't really true.) I always wanted to work in the animation industry now that i see christian animaton needs alot of recognition i'm planning/working on the produce a modern animated series for teenagers. I thought about adventure or action and science fiction and i already got plots and characters. A few questions i got: what do you think teenagers or (young) adults are really interested in for cartoons ? Which European country/countries practices Christianity the most ? I thought of moving to Britain, Portugal or Spain in the future. what else can christian animation improve in ? 

I believe Christian animation can be as aspiring, entertaining and amazing while being wholesome at the same time like other successful cartoons. :)


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As a cartoon loving adult who is also an aspiring novelist, I love a good story and good quality animation.  I like being on the edge of my seat or having a hearty laugh. The drama that is life attracts me and I love seeing a well rounded character problem solve over the course of time.  I like characters that don't fit the "Mary Sue" arch-type, they have flaws and quirks,  they change, and have dynamic human personalities and are relatable. 

European country? Uhhh... I'm not sure. Many of them are some form of Catholic or Anglican. Couldn't tell you who practices Christianity the most.  I'm stateside. :P 

Christian entertainment in general could improve in many ways. It needs to stop the cheese. Many movies portray finding Jesus as the Disney "true loves kiss" and end on a hunky dory "and they all lived happily ever after" note. Or just end on that note in the middle and carry on like every day after Jesus is perfection. They need more human struggle. Show me a character who's struggling to find faith, or find faith again. Show me a reformed Atheist or pagan making sense of life as a Christian. give me some variety, not just the " pre-Jesus, post Jesus WOW 180% change in a day!" stuff. Give Christian entertainment a hard dose of reality, make the characters work for it, make them believable. 

Personally, I like well done animation, either highly stylized (PowerPuff Girls, Adventure Time), retro looking or a bit more... traditional-ish(?). I've never understood the aesthetic of Uncle Grandpa, Cow and Chicken or  Amazing World of Gumball. If a show looks ugly, I won't watch it. 

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Yes relatable characters with its stories, which has been putten alot of time in.

Hmmm i'll invest in that more later on ;)

Ah i see , I like any show where you can see the quality of the show plus with a interesting storyline !

(Sorry for the late reply)

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