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Digital Art vs Hand Drawn?

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I have recently gotten into drawing manga and want to share my art with others. The problem is, it's hand-drawn, and I don't know how I can share it, because taking a pic with my phone would look kind of weird. And also, I've noticed that digital art is much cleaner and easier, but I don't know how people can draw with a mouse let alone myself, or if they even use a mouse. I could draw on an iPad, but I don't have one. Help?

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I use this.

I made this

like forever ago, but I made this in MS paint, me as a my little pony because I was really, REALLY bored.


Depending on hat computer/program you have and are good at will affect your art's cleanness. Windows ten has a sketchpad that makes really clean lines, but I haven't played with it much. GIMP is a free photoshop-esque program complete with brushes, line tools, layering and highlight tools. I usually use that to color. 

As for doing traditional art, scanners my friend. 

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On 4/8/2017 at 2:32 PM, Willow said:

or if they even use a mouse.

I think most people who draw digital art use tablets. They can get expensive once you get to higher-end. Basically you hok up the tablet to your computer, and you have a stylus that you use to draw on the surface of the tablet. Whatever you draw transfers to the screen, and you can use your computer's software (Photoshop, GIMP, Pixia, what-have-you) to edit the picture as you please. I also have no idea how anyone makes good art with a mouse. It's incredibly difficult. Good luck! Good art skills are something I really admire in a person, and I want to get better at it myself. I have a book on how to draw manga, so that's mainly what I draw when I do draw. But I still haven't drawn very much at all, so I'm not any good at it yet lol

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