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April 12th 2007

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April 12,2007 was the day a certain 15 year old was led to CTF to stop being on those secular movie sites her mom didn’t trust.

With a high speed internet connection at last and moniker given to her by her 7 year old sister, “Boogles” made her CTF debut.
She was homeschooled, she had emotional issues and would have been a goth had she had the resources, but instead looked like some awkward punk rock wanna be with 18 bracelets up each arm and thing for spikes and Converse.  She practically lived here.

Was the internet ever the same?

I’d like to think not.

It’s been a ride guys. There have been a lot of ups (yay software update!) downs (remember all the cringey spambots? Ew.)  and everything inbetween. I’ve been a mod, been not a mod and been a sub-mod. I’ve given advice in a “momma bear” style to many. I’ve developed quite the sass. I’ve also made a lot of friends here. I graduated, first highschool, then college. It’s been great, I’ve had a lot of memories of this place, fond ones. Annnnnd a few majorly dramatic-not-so-fond memories. But that’s okay! Most of them are good.

And considering this has been a ride I’ve been on for ten years, I think it’s a ride that I should really get off of. I’m too big for it.  I’ve outgrown it.
Which is something I never thought I’d say. Ever.

In the past I’ve mentioned just vanishing. I considered it. But I know how sad I was when Overdrive, Sam and Evan all poofed, so I decided to bid you all farewell. It will be a process, my leaving. My work schedule is getting  crazier by the week, so I will continue to get more and more sporadic until adulthood finally beckons me with full force and my routine becomes coffee, work ,write,  workout, sleep.

I am not hard to contact outside of CTF. I have 4 email addresses, a skype, a facebook, a deviantart, a twitter(it’s dead) a  snapchat, an instagram and I’m quite textable.  By all means, hit me up on whatever platform you wish.

Thanks for a great 10 years. I’m so excited to see what the future holds! (Also I kinda wanna creep this place when I’m 35 and see what’s up)

Best regards, love, wishes, good grammar and lots of sleep to all!


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CONGRADULATION BECKY! We are all hapy to have you here! you are a blessing to all of us and we are very happy to have you here. You are a strong beautiful women and I am happy that I ever met you. Again CONGRADULATION!

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Congratulations on reaching 10 years.

But don't leave us! I know you're almost certainly reading this thread!


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woah 10 years sorry for being late but congrats :)

you've given a lot of great advice and you have an amazing sense of humor. 




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Congrats for ten years! I hope you have a great life ahead of you!



Sorry for the late posting, I've quit visiting the site here on a regular basis.

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