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A Bbile Study I'm Starting

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I am starting a Bible study where I live (I am not telling where) because I felt god leading me like, a couple weeks ago in that direction. Trouble is, I'm in middle school and this is for youth girls in middle-to-high school so idk if high schoolers will listen to me, and I'm very shy and don't know if I will do good with leading (but a really awesome senior is helping out and so is my mom so that helps) and I don't know where to get good resources (a lot of resources require getting expensive books for every person there and I can't afford that :/). SO I may need a lot of prayer (i didn't know where to post this: here or in prayer stuff). If it's not too much trouble, please pray that the bible study will impact many lives and that God will help me lead the study and give me wisdom to do the right things. And also if anyone knows where to get good resources that would help loads. Well, goodbye for now!

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Nice job starting a Bible study, it takes a lot of commitment so be ready for it. I've started/ lead a couple Bible studies/ Jesus clubs and have quite a few resources. Make sure you remain in prayer and stay in God's will, not end up going off on your own agenda- that's something I've struggled with before.

As for dealing with people older than you, remain bold, confident, and genuine, it shows them you really care about what you're doing and they'll respect you for that. Don't forget that they are older than you and have more life experience, so be open to suggestions from them, and if you're ever really struggling with something don't be afraid to ask one of them. 

I'd recommend not getting too caught up in any book, training, or curriculum. I went to a really cool youth leadership this summer called Lead The Cause and got really into trying to take the training from there back to my friends, and after spending a fair bit of money on books I eventually learned from one of the conference speakers in a follow-up Skype that it's not about training, but just about Jesus. I'd buried my real priorities under a pile of trainings, so I'll advise you to set clear priories (hopefully based around Jesus and prayer) and keep your eyes fixed on them. 

Anyways, here's a list of resources I've found over time. I've found to be especially helpful:

https://www.dare2share.org/ Really great Gospel centered youth leadership organization

https://www.lifein6words.com/ You can get 100 free books at this one, just make sure to know how to use them before your request them

https://www.gotquestions.org/ Good place to find answer to your own challenging questions, or any challenging questions you may be asked during the Bible study

http://www.412teens.org/ Answers for many modern teen questions and doubts

http://www.fallingplates.com Nice Gospel message with good analogies and video in many languages


Haven't used these ones much before but they seem good:







I hope these few resources help. I'll be praying that things go well. Let me know how the study goes, and if you have any questions about things.

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That's so cool, Willow!! I will definitely pray for your success in this endeavor! I think the support of that senior will be valuable in being a leader among high schoolers. If you feel that it fits with your mission, you could ask that participants purchase their own books, but I understand why that may be unappealing. FOX's resources will be great, too. Good luck!! I mean, God be with you! :flapper:

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