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A Bbile Study I'm Starting

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I am starting a Bible study where I live because I felt God leading me in that direction. Trouble is, I'm in middle school and this is for youth girls in middle-to-high school so idk if high schoolers will listen to me because I'm young, and I'm very shy and don't know if I will do well leading a bunch of teenagers, but a really awesome senior is helping out and so is my mom so that helps. And I don't know where to get good resources online. My dad (the youth pastor at our church) showed me some good sites for that kind of stuff, but a lot of resources require getting expensive books for every person there and I can't afford that :/. SO I may need a lot of prayer (i didn't know where to post this: here or in prayer requests). If it's not too much trouble, please pray that the Bible study will impact many lives and that God will help me lead the study and give me wisdom to do the right things. And also if anyone knows where to get good resources that would help loads. Well, goodbye for now!

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Hey willow! I understand you. When I was 15 years old and God had been revealing me things and telling me to talk but I was afraid to talk because no one would listen to a youth but then God had talked to me by two people that I better not keep quiet of what God is telling me to talk. wheather the words are hard or soft I have to speak it. What I am trying to day is that don't be afraid to speak okay? Also, it is a good idea to start a bible study. I am going to pray for you and may God use you.

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