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Idolatry v.s. God

What is more important, Idols or God?  

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  1. 1. Is our electronic devices more important than God?

    • our electronics
    • God , above all things and people

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" should we as teens, put God as our top priority?" there have been many atheist friends that have asked me and others the same question. But the question that we should be asking is, " do we devote part of our lives to God"? a lot of teens like us might believe that we should put other "important" things before God , but really, we should not. this is not to judge anyone, it is meant to show how important christianity and putting God first is extremely important, even though we sometimes think that it is not necessary.

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I believe that you should put God first above everything, then your family and then your ministry. Teens now a day are all focus on social medias, clothing or having a boyfriend and girlfriend instead of focusing on God. There are so many distractions in the world that attracts teens. Many teens are getting lost into the world and it is really hard to get out of. That's why we have to pray for the youth because the enemy is just attacking us. Depression and suicide is one of the main things that the devil attacks us with. But what are other youth in church doing? They are not going out side preaching the words to other youths. What are you afraid? Are you afraid that you are going to get judge or laughed at. Remember what they did to Paul. They threw Paul in jail for speaking the truth. Paul spoke hard words. We have to speak hard words to youth now a days because they a really rebellious and they don't want to stop the things that they are doing and turn to God.

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