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Benny Boy

Dating out of high school

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A few years ago parents told me when I'm in college I can start dating. I'm graduating high school this Sunday (may 28th,2017) and when I brought up to my parents that I was going to date a Christian girl here in my town after graduation, they got all defensive and said that when I actually get to college I can start dating. I'm going to college in 3 months, but I'm enrolled as a student there currently. I'm 18, out of high school, and enrolled in a college... and my parents say I can't date her because I'm not actually at the college. Technically I'm  an adult, and have the responsibilities of an adult, so I should at least have the privileges of one, right? Why do I have to wait another 3 months to date? None of my responsibilities will change from now till then. 

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Are you living on your own yet? If yes, date away. If not, you unfortunately still fall into the "my house, my rules" trope parents often have and thus would be wise to wait. It's less drama that way.  It's also one of those God rules, about respecting your elders and stuff.

And not necessarily. Privileges are earned via hard work and trust, they aren't just bequeathed upon you when you blow out 18 candles on a cake or get a diploma.  While you may not agree with your parents rules, 3 months is not long of a wait. In the meantime you can continue to build your friendship with this girl. The moire foundation your relationship has, the better things will be!

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