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Want to quit alcohol addiction

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Hi, I am doing my graduation at the University Of Toronto. I was in a relationship for last 6 years. We were very happy and I was enjoying my life with her. Last year, she met with an accident. She was injured very badly and the doctors said that we will not get her back. But by God's grace, she recovered. But she was paralyzed and she will never walk in her life. I couldn't stop myself from loving her. But I don't know what made her commit suicide. I lost her on the last September. From that day onwards, I started drinking. I lost my job because of my drinking habit. I could never restrict myself from having drinks. Last day when I was having a family meeting, I was not able to drink for 4 hours. In that four hours, my hands were shivering and sweating. I felt completely exhausted. That moment I understood that I am an alcohol addict. I want to get rid of this. When I spoke with my sister, she suggested undergoing alcohol addiction treatment from a clinic in Vancouver. Will this treatment really help? Is there any medication required? Please help me out.

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This is very serious problem, my friend. You need to do something with your life because this is the way to the end. As far as I know such type of treatment really helps. You need to contact them to know more about factors of this treatment and what medical tests you need to take. Do it immediately to save your own life

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