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Best friend going through difficult phase of life!

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I am writing this for my best friend, who is living in Toronto. She is in a very difficult phase right now. Her boyfriend passed away in an accident last month. They were dating for about eight years. Their marriage was scheduled for this April. The sudden death has disturbed her mind. She is not able to get out of depression till now. She has told me several times that she will end her life. I spoke about her condition with her family. They don't care. But, I cannot leave her like this. Something must be done. She has been my best friend since seventeen years. I spoke about this to my boyfriend and he asked to make use of medical marijuana for dealing with stress.

Is medical marijuana effective in treating stress and anxiety? Will it have any side effects? She has got asthma. Is it safe to use marijuana while having asthma? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions.

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