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I used to be opposed to religion in general -- due mostly to lack of exposure; however, over the past year or so, I've grown and now have great respect and interest in religious teachings, especially those within Christianity and Buddhism (the entirely philosophic Buddhism, as the Buddha originally taught it). I'm here looking for someone around my own age (19) to build an accountability relationship with. Someone to be honest with; to be a second set of ears and eyes, brain and soul that can help me, and be helped by me, in our shared goal to be the best individuals we can be -- to both ourselves, and our respective communities.




I do believe in God. Only, God likely means something different to me than it will to most of you. I'm not sure if this violates the guidelines or not, but hey, I'll take the risk.

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Hi Corey

Welcome to CTF

Unbelievers are welcome to join our forum provided they respect the rules (same as Christian members)

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