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PS4 Controller/Steam Issues


I've started having issues with my PS4 controller using the Dual Shock 4 wireless adapter with FPWW build 0.9700. I've been using my PS4 controller to play FPWW since the launch in July and have not had any issues up until this point.The main problem is that my wrestler will continue to move even when the directional pad is not being pressed. There is also no response from the left analog joystick. I am still able to perform taunts with the right joystick and execute moves using the buttons on the pad.I have tested the PS4 controller and wireless adapter with the Sega Genesis emulator "Fusion" using Super Street Fighter 2, and the controller performs as it should. 

This appears to be a Steam exclusive issue.Unfortunately, I don't have any other Steam games to test the issue with.Any guidance would be appreciated as I would like to start playing Fire Pro Wrestling World again, ASAP!

Please help

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