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Getting Married

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Speaking as an engaged woman, I think there are a lot of factors that come into play when thinking about when you may be ready for marriage, but the biggest one, at-least for me is can you serve God more with your S/O then you can on your own? Together stronger? 

To explain a little of what I'm saying I will share a tiny bit of my story.  I am a writer and Mr is an artist. One of the ways we can compliment each other to use our art to share our faith.  Then you have to consider the biblical boundaries. I had to ask myself questions like will my S/O provide for me? What is his work ethic like? Does he respect me? Does he treat me like a lady? What is his walk with God like?  Am I happy to fulfill  my role as a homemaker, which all woman are called to regardless of season of life? How would I play my part in the covenant and partnership of marriage? Are we on the same page about the big things and some of the little things that help stay sane too?  Overall is this relationship helpful or distracting me from my walk and purposes in God? 

It's not a decision that can be taken lightly, especially if you intend to stick with in the boundaries of God's word.

I kept a list of 5 core qualities of strength of character, Mr. hits all 5 and they range from  loyalty, to fun, to able to correct me when he sees I'm getting off track, I personally did not want to be with a yes man. I want to honer God and so being with someone who will encourage me in that was really important to me. 

Romance and looks fade, so character is extremely important on both parties behalves. 

Pray about it and God will show you as you lean on Him in this. 

Hope this helps :)



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I think people should be at least 25 and have known each other for at least a few years. I'm single though. 

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