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Don’t know where to put this but...

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Hi I’m not exactly new just haven’t been on here in a long long while. Also if this is the wrong place to put this just tell me I can post it elsewhere.

So this has been bugging me for a bit and now I can’t sleep a wink and am thinking of pulling an all nighter just to find answers. I’m having extreme doubts about God. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian, I’ve given my whole life and everything to God, and I want to follow Him my whole life and trust in Him. But I think too many conspiracy theories made me question my entire existence.


ANYWAY the thing is: what if God is lying or deceiving us? Not the Bible lying, not Him lying about stuff like Him creating the world or His existence. The thing is, He’s God of everything. That I’m sure of. He can do literally whatever He wants, I mean He created the universe and did countless other miracles. He knows about everything there is to know. But since He is all powerful and above everything else in existence, it would be INCREDIBLY easy to lie and lead people in a trap. Specifically lying about Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil, death, His love for us, etc. Just sprinkle in a little truth and miraculous signs you’ve whipped up to build trust, and reassure the people of your “good intentions” by blessing them and doing good things for them, like cheese in a mouse trap, and you’ve got all these people who’ve entrusted their everything to you. People “feeling” Gods love, Satan’s tempting, the truth of the statements, could all be made up, because anything is possible with an all powerful God. And the proof we have of God saying He loves us and He’s telling the truth are from the Bible, written by people who were led by GOD to say those exact words. And I don’t know what His intentions would be, but He’s all knowing, so the reason would probably be beyond us.


The more I think about it, the more true it seems. It’s scaring the heck out of me and I need help as soon as possible. I want to trust God with my whole self, but I can’t do that if there’s still doubt in my mind. Sorry if I explained it horribly, hopefully you get the gist. 

Maybe im just tired.

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Hi Willow :), I'm so glad you asked what you did above. We can today "prove" that the Bible is true using outside the Bible(extra-biblical) evidences! But first let me say a few things.

My only little sister who I loved with all my heart, died when she was 6 and a half years old.

My dear uncle Alex helped my family through that unbelievably sad time ... but he was murdered a few years later. There are things even way sadder that happened to me that I just don't want to write about right now.

But my God, who is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, was with me through all the my sadness, fear, disappointment, and  even anger.(Jesus said Christians will have troubles in this earthly life but He promises to be with us through the suffering .)I know I will see my loved ones in Heaven one day. Life on Earth is over very quickly-even if you live to 99 years old. So our problems and troubles will also be gone by sort of fast, and after we die we will stand before the Lord Almighty Jesus. Those who believed that he is God and was crucified and died and rose again to save them from their sins and trusted Jesus Christ to completely save them, will be allowed to live in Heaven forever.

Yes, the Bible is the main way we learn about the most amazing love that our God, Jesus, showed for us and His plan of Salvation ,offered freely to all of humanity. We know the words of the Bible are true simply by faith.

But incredibly we can also know the Bible is true by prophecy coming true and by Incredible archaeology.

Did you know we have a found king Hezekiah's WALL from Isaiah 36 and 37, which surrounded Jerusalem over 2700 years ago. We also have King Hezekiah's name and the story of Isaiah 36 anf 37 OUTSIDE the Bible- Written by the most powerful King in the world back in the year 2700 BC-King Sennacherib of Assyria. It is called the TAYLOR PRISM. Please click on the LINK below.

****** http://windowintothebible.com/hezekiah-and-jerusalem*******


King Hezekiah was a direct ancestor of Jesus! !! There is also  a real stone 80 feet long  PICture of the battle of LACHISH in Isaiah 36:2!

**Google:  Lachish Relief

Also Google:   "50 people proven to exist in Bible"   the list you will see is just of Old Testament people(they will find proof of more people in the future but it takes a lot of money  -- a lot of houses and buildings have been built over the areas with the buried ancient artifacts(pieces of evidence) of Bible persons.

Please also see my thread here on our CTF The Bible  subforum:"Image Of  Jesus's Real Face".   It has a LINK at the bottom of the page to an amazing Shroud of Turin website!

The Shroud of Turin has Jesus's real picture supernaturally printed on it at the moment of Christ's Shining resurrection. We can know this by several proofs as I say in the thread. 

 We can even see the still existing  2000 year old steps of the  ancient "Second Temple" where Jesus would sometimes preached from. Jesus overturned the money changers  tables behind the wall of the Southern Steps. SEE :Below is a LINK.



Jesus Christ, and His Father and the Holy Spirit(they are the One Almighty God; i.e. 1x1x1=1 God) cannot lie or deceive.

Thousands of evidences from ancient archaeology Prove that our God, Jesus Christ, did not lie when He inspired men to write it by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Also many things that were predicted thousands of years ago have come true.

Please read Zechariah 14:12-15. Many Bible experts say that what happens to the army and animals in those verses is the Effect of Nuclear bombs! This actually happened to some people in the year 1945(World War 2) in Hiroshima, Japan!

It will happen on a larger scale in the future. The Bible can be completely trusted.

You can trust in it by Either Faith Alone or by Faith and Evidences/proofs from archaeology!

The Lord Almighty Jesus Christ and His Father and the Holy Spirit, loVe you and all the people of all countries of this world so much.

But they will not force anyone to accept the Free Gift of Eternal life in Heaven by accepting Jesus Christ as their God and personal Savior. One must believe In Almighty Jesus Christ to be saved from hell.

You and those precious ,wonderful people all around the world who believe in, and love, Jesus Christ as their God and personal Savior, will be Royal Princesses and Princes forever and ever. You will become the true child of Almighty God. Do not let anyone stop you from believing this and taking this most Amazing Destiny from you.:thumbsup:

Yours-in Christ with much agape love,

Rony (rozzy)

P.S. :    In the New Testament's Gospel of Luke 21:25 Jesus Christ predicted that the "...nations will be perplexed(worried) and in anguish by the roar and tossing of the sea and the waves."

The oceans are rising(some countries such as the Maldives are being swallowed by the sea/ocean.

NASA has said hurricanes have gotten much stronger over the past 25 years, whipping up bigger waves. Nations are truly worried and troubled by the rising ocean/sea and the waves....  Jesus Christ is always right because he is Almighty God.


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Hi, Rony!

Thank you for giving me all these articles and things to look at, they were very helpful and I really appreciate it. I'm also very sorry for your loss and I hope you find peace. 

However, I'm still worried about this whole thing. I'm not saying Jesus didn't exist, I still believe that He really died for our sins. I'm not saying certain prophecies in the Bible are untrue, because my youth pastor have given me a bunch of evidence of prophecies coming true, even things you didn't show me. What I AM saying is that those could just be ways of getting us to trust God. Yes, Jesus is God's only Son and very important to Him and supposedly part of the Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - but God could very well be lying about the Trinity. Jesus could just be a human He created to do all these miraculous things to gain trust, and be raised from the dead to display His power. And the Holy Spirit could just be His influence leading us down His path, whether good or bad. Basically, He could just be

Ok I had to just stop in the middle of that cause something about my theory doesn't add up. If He has all the power to manipulate everything about us like our opinion of God and the Bible (which He absolutely does), why isn't He just leading EVERYONE on His path? Like He gives us free will, knowing that we might not accept Him. Like, right now He's allowing ME to be skeptical.

I think I'm just having a problem with faith. The answer to my questions are probably held by God, so I could never find them myself. But still, I can't keep my stupid deep-thinking mind from this problem. I can relate it to the simulation theory (in short, the theory that everything in reality is one big simulation like a video game, being controlled by a bigger force, and we're either real beings whose consciousness is being put in this "simulation", or we're just fake characters created by someone) because I'm starting to assume that everything is made up by God (which it kinda is), but like the fake love He might show us. He's God, so even if He didn't love us, at least as much as we're led to believe, He could just create the illusion of love and peace, etc. Maybe even non-believers are fake. It would create the illusion of wrong paths and one right path.

Actually, I think this is just an extension of the simulation theory, with God being the higher power, leading us through a simulation of His making. Although that's kinda true, because earth could be thought of as an image of heaven, a "simulation" of heaven, and He's getting us ready for the real simulation.

OK I'm starting to see that I'm just incredibly paranoid and I'm proving God's love to myself no matter what I do.

I think I just need to think about it more and it'll start to get better.

Sorry if that was really unorganized cause I'm basically spewing my thoughts out onto the computer here. It's just a thought, not really a fully fleshed out theory.

Anyway thanks for listening to me ramble lol


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Hi again Willow:)First let me show you Jesus Christ's real burial cloth which is mentioned in Matthew 27:59 and Mark 15:46 and 5 other places in the Gospels of the N.T. It is called the Shroud of Turin.We can prove it is authentic(real) because:

(1)the chemists Drs. Alan Adler and J. Heller and  Dr. Raymond Rogers, found that there is no picture/image under the blood marks on the Shroud of Turin. Let me explain it this way: let us say someone was making a picture of a human body that had blood on it because the person was nailed in the hands(in the Koine Greek of the New Testament "hands" included the wrists) and feet, and also speared  in the side torso, and crowned with thorns. This image had also had hundreds of blood marks all over the body from being whipped with metal-tipped whips.

The person making this picture must print or draw the body FIRST and then put the blood marks on the body picture after. Otherwise you could not line up the blood marks with the wounds on the hands(in Koine Greek  hands included wrists), feet , head , torso side, and whipping wounds all over the body.  Well 3 top American chemists including Dr. Alan Adler, proved that the blood marks on the Shroud of Turin were on it BEFORE the body picture of Jesus Christ, because these chemists showed that there was no picture on the cloth's fibers under the blood marks. Dr. Alan Adler carefully removed a blood mark on the body image of the Shroud of Turin and found no picture under it. 

So the picture  with the blood marks on the Shroud of Turin must have been made by someone who could do the Impossible work of putting hundreds of real blood marks on a linen cloth  FIRST and then putting the crucified and speared and whipped body picture on AFTER , while perfectly matching up and lining up the different wounded body parts  with the ALREADY THERE blood marks.  That someone who did this impossible thing was our God Jesus at the moment of His shining resurrection , when the glorius LIGHT from his body that was rising from the dead supernaturally, printed His image on to the linen Shroud of Turin.

*Chemists Dr. Alan Adler Dr. John Heller  have published this proof in two scientific peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Applied Optics,1980 pp.2742. And the renowned chemist Dr. Raymond Rogers also independently proved this in own published book.

Here is a photo of half of the actual linen cloth that they buried the Lord Almighty Jesus as the Gospel of Matthew 27:59 and the other Gospels declare. It has now come to be called the Shroud of Turin.  Even the important evangelical scholar Gary Habermas of Liberty University and evangelical author Ravi Zacharias and David Mainse ,all think that the Shroud of Turin is Christ's real burial shroud.


                                                     ^              ^                               Jesus's hands(includes wrists in Koine Greek) above red arrow.See the red circle of blood in the centre.        Jesus's head is above dark the blue arrow. 

The image below, on the left, is the head and face of Lord Jesus on the the Shroud of Turin linen cloth.

The black and white image on the right is the negative photo image of the face of Lord Jesus on the same Shroud of Turin. Negative photo images were common before digital cameras became popular- just ask your parents or grandparents to see one.       Here is a link to a good site about the Shroud of Turin: to all who are reading this please tell your friends about this website.


(see link at the very bottom of my other thread : Image of Real Face of Jesus from the Shroud of Turin in "the Bible" section here at CTF.)



(2) The second reason we can know that our God Jesus created the image on the Shroud of Turin is because it is the world's first X ray image as  seen in the black and white total body image of the whole Shroud of Turin- you can see most of the negative image of this shroud in my thread "Image of the Real Face of Jesus" in the  "Christian Walk section " of CTF in "the Bible " subsection.  Professor of radiology ( a medical doctor who teaches X ray science) Harold E. Davis , who is a Fellow of the  American College of Radiologists and  fmr. Vanderbilt U. radiologist Everett James, and also other professors of anatomy, have said that the Shroud of Turin is an X ray image.  There are about 30 or more great proofs that the Shroud of Turin is really Christ's burial cloth and you can search within the above website (linked) I have given. (To all who are reading this:  tell friends and family about the linked website).                                         

Thanks Willow for hoping that I will find peace about my little  6 year old sister's death(she suffered a lot of pain for a long time before she died a few days after Christmas:frown:.) I have found peace because Jesus lives inside me- I am Born-again! But sometimes my memory flashes back to when my Dad said " she was a good girl" that night of her death when my small family huddled together. -[ My Dad who was my best friend also died some years later]...please remember that our God Jesus did not promise an easy life for born-again Christians, but the Good News is that Jesus  promises us that He will be In us and With us through all our terrible suffering and pain .And then when we die (life goes by really fast) or when Christ returns to earth -whichever comes first, we Christians of all ages and colors around the world will be glorified  and rewarded by the Eternal God ,Savior and Judge,Jesus Christ, with unending life in heaven .... but even FAR more: we will become true PRINCESSES and Princes (co-heirs)  of this universe and of everything there is , forever(see New Testament's Romans 8:17!:thumbsup: 

Just as amazing is that Lord Jesus says we are Born-again right here in this life on earth  and become the very children of Almighty Jesus  and His Father- the instant we accept and believe in and trust in ,and that, Jesus  of Nazareth is Almighty God and our  personal Savior , and believe  Jesus was whipped horribly and then crucified( shed His Godly blood by being nailed to death on His  cross for cleaning us of all our sins) and then buried and then rose from the dead bodily and went to heaven after appearing First to Mary Magdalene:D and the eleven apostles, then to 500 more people( I'm saying this for the youth around the world reading this, who are not born-again.)

( I have felt His loving presence through my own suffering. I would Not be alive today if Jesus had not been with and In me through all the trouble I've been through. I have actually Not told  you what my greatest  troubles in  life have been--it is Not my sister's, and  my Dad's or 2 of my dear Uncle's deaths...     I just can't write about it here. But one lady cried out in horror:ohmy: when I told her about the other things ; and a nurse told my sibling that I've been through too much suffering .Life on Earth HURTS! But Jesus is with us while we suffer so we can have hope and joy,love, and courage, despite our circumstances. This life is over in a moment-it's way too short to stay sad about this thing or that thing.   

(Yes I been through lots of very painful times, but remember that more than 212 million Christians all over this world face extreme persecution( though not in the Western world). 970 000 Christians have been martyred(purposely killed for their love of Jesus) since just 2005 ,according to the Centre for the Study of Global Christianity.

Did you know that  over the last 14 years that thousands of Christian children and teenagers in Iraq said they will never deny Jesus Christ when they were threatened with certain death by some bad,misguided men? Those unbelieving men  had told the children that they could live if they simply just said that :"Jesus is not my God and Savior." But  the born-again children said (according to eye-witnesses) that they love Jesus too much to deny Him! The children were then  killed.

The Iraqi children's first priority in life was to glorify Jesus. They also knew that they would soon be in heaven with their beloved Jesus and His Father.( Those children will receive a  very special  crown/rewards in heaven for their special martyrdom.) Those beautiful Christian children of Iraq were given strength and courage and boundless faith by the power of Jesus Christ-through the Holy Spirit who lives in all born-again Christians.

*****These  thousands of Iraqi Christian  volunteer child martyrs'  unbending faith in, trust in and love  of Jesus Christ, prove that  our great God Jesus (who is the Great "I AM" of Exodus 3:14 and John 8:58)did not Lie when He said He will never leave us or forsake those who are  truly born-again. 

This genocide of Iraqi Christians has been recognised unanimously by the parliament( government) of Great Britain(the UK), the European Union, and the United States Congress .   Almost a million  Christians have been martyred in other countries also since 2008.

The Apostle Paul-in the book of Romans in the Bible- said that Christians he knew were being "slaughtered(killed) like sheep"... and the New Testament's book of Revelation prophesied(predicted-I am explaining for youth around the world whose language isn't primarily English) multitudes of Christians will be killed just because of their love of Jesus Christ.

*******Please if you live in the USA, write to US Vice-president Pence asking them to let Iraqi Christian immigrants come live in the USA. You can write instantly to him by clicking on the LINK below. Remember that it was the USA's invasion of Iraq in 2003 that has eventually caused 2 million Iraqi Christians to disappear from the country! Tell your Christian friends if they live in the USA, to write,(also anyone who is reading this who is living the USA-you will be saving a Christian child's life...Jesus said what you do to a Christian brother/sister in need. you do it to Him.********** The LINK to the  US Whitehouse and VP Pence:   https://whitehouse.gov/contact/ 

My God Jesus, and His Father and the Holy Spirit are always with me through my troubles(I so love you sweetest Lord Jesus-I know I am your beloved child and you always help and bless me when I pray in faith and love. I will "wait upon the Lord "with great patience.  )

One simple quick proof of the authenticity(trueness) of the Bible is what the famous classicist(Greco- Roman historian) Michael Grant wrote about: ancient 2000 year old coins. Here (below) is an actual picture of Salome-the step-daughter of tetrarch(a ruler) Herod Antipas and daughter of Herodias. Salome asked that John the Baptist be killed -Gospel of Matthew 14:6-11.(but this image is of her when she is much older.)







King Herod Agrippa the First(i) on left(almost 2000 years old)

There are also real images on coins of King Herod Agrippa the First(the grandson of the King Herod who tried to kill baby Jesus Christ)! Herod Agrippa (i) killed Apostle James and had Apostle Peter(Cephas) put in prison as Acts 12:1-2 says.

**Most amazingly there is a picture on several coins of Agrippa's own son: King Herod Agrippa(ii) the Second. His words to Apostle Paul are in the NT's book of Acts  26 :28!!

So we have real images of important people from the New Testament, including our Lord God Jesus Christ!

It is clear when we choose to simply use faith that we can trust our God Jesus Christ . Romans 10:17 declares that faith comes from hearing the Word of God.  There are thousands of evidences from fulfilled prophecy, archaeology, numismatics(coin investigation), historical writings and  ancient biblical Greek papyrus manuscripts(MSS) and  the testimony of a million Christians who have been killed for their faith(martyred since 2005 but hundreds of millions of born-again people have been killed for being Christian since Jesus Christ rose from the dead) as the NT's  Revelation predicted clearly. 

The Bible, the true Word of God can be trusted by faith simply; or by faith plus evidences.  Jesus Christ declared in the NT's John 14:6 that He,Jesus, is the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one can come to the Father except by Him.

So Willow (and others reading this) we have to first be born-again by believing IN (not just"about") Jesus Christ.  This means we must believe: who the Bible says He is (John 20:28 and a hundred other verses say Jesus is Almighty God and the Christ-Savior),and what He did through His Cross and resurrection. And also Trust that Jesus will definitely:D and positively:D save us from Hell by giving us everlasting life in Heaven, as the Bible's John 3:14-16 says. And by believing IN Jesus, we must let Him come and live in our soul +mind+ heart; and Jesus will put the desire in your soul+heart to want to glorify Him and live for Him.

***We must also "know" Jesus and our Father in heaven. He says this in John 17:3. This means to LOVE Him by praying to Jesus and his Father, reading Christ's words(see the Gospel of John), sharing the Good News of Jesus with the unsaved in a gentle way(but do not waste your time on people who just want to talk and talk-life is too short and billions of people want hear about and to believe in Jesus Christ), helping other Christian children and people( Jesus very importantly said that He gives us a new commandment(Only God can give a new Commandment,so Jesus is clearly God): this new commandment is to really LOVE one and other- meaning your fellow Christians in your home, church and around the earth).

So we must have a relationship with Jesus Christ and His (and our heavenly) Father. ( I  completely adore my sweet Lord Almighty Jesus and our heavenly Father and the Holy Almighty Spirit.)

(This Holy Spirit is God also, and comes to live in your soul and body at the very moment you are born-again by accepting Jesus Christ of Nazareth as your personal God and Savior and by believing and trusting IN Jesus Christ to wash your sins away and save you(  I explained what you must believe  above in red. Please talk to a Christian pastor.)

The Holy Spirit ,once you are born-again will help you do the things that seem impossible or kind of hard.You CANNOT live the born-again Christian life without the Holy Spirit giving you Power every second to face anything . The Holy Spirit is called the Comforter because He will bring joy and peace to a born-again person, no matter what they are going through.

Our lives are very, very, very short on earth- even if you live to 120  years of age. Terrible problems will come but they will go away one day soon. Do not get sad over this thing or that thing.......Lord Jesus promises to wipe every tear from our eyes in heaven, the book of Revelation declares.

Christians sometimes forget that Apostle Paul (in the Bible's book of Philippians 3:20)  says that our citizenship is in heaven, not of this world. In July 20, 1969 , humans first landed on the Moon in the famous Apollo 11 mission. The three Apollo 11 astronauts knew that once they left the comfort of the earth  they needed Jesus Christ to guide them safely to the moon and back.

A million things could easily go wrong so that's why astronaut Buzz Aldrin took the Bible's Gospel of John 15:5 with them to the moon on an index card. And Buzz Aldrin did pray that verse a few minutes after he landed on the moon.

The immortal, and true words of Jesus Christ were read on the moon in humanity's very first visit to it. And Buzz Aldrin took Holy Communion(Eucharist) on the moon also.

Astronaut Aldrin knew that there was a 50% or greater chance that they would die on their trip to the moon. US President Nixon even had a speech ready to tell the world that the Apollo 11 astronauts died! 

But Buzz also knew that he was  born-again and his citizenship is in Heaven - no matter what happened.(please see his book Magnificent Desolation.) LINK: (please type"Buzz Aldrin" in the guideposts " search -magnifying glass symbol" at top right after you click on the link)



Our citizenship is in heaven -for those of all colors and nations around the globe, who really love and believe In(not just about)  Almighty Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  We are Royal PRINCESSES and PRINCES ," co-heirs" of everything, along with and under the King of Kings, Jesus of Nazareth.

And this greatest of gifts is because of Jesus of Nazareth, His Father and the Holy Spirit. They are the One true God.         1 John 4:7-8 says that a person who is born of God(born-again) loves other Christians: because God is Love.:D:) 


Please feel free to print out any of my threads and share it freely.The ancient coin pictures are used under ''Fair Use" law.

 All praise to the Father, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. All glory and power is theirs forever.













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Hi Willow,


I realize I'm about a month late, but I just wanted to drop by and share a resource that I think is very valuable for times when you're doubting faith. I greatly enjoy the debates and writings from Dr. William Lane Craig (fun fact...he grew up in my hometown!). He has a book called Reasonable Faith, where he talks in great depth of how to believe in God in an age of skepticism. You can see some of his debates online, and in my opinion, he has some of the best arguments that I've seen for not only in Jesus and God, but also why God would be truthful and loving towards us. I'd greatly recommend checking his book out, you can check out his website and also his books online here: https://www.reasonablefaith.org/


Another note that I wanted to add, is this: Can God lie? If God could lie, would he be God anymore? As 1 John 1:5 tells us, "This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all." If God was a liar, according to the following verses below he would hate himself, which isn't loving nor living in the light that he says he is:

Proverbs 6:16-19

"There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers."


Proverbs 12:22, "Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight."


So logically, I don't think God can lie, because he wouldn't be God if he was able to lie. I'm not a philosopher by any means, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in. :)





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