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Stuggling and in Need

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I'm battling homosexual urges. Also battling a porn addiction and smoking urges. Hope someone can support me and guide me in tackling these sins.

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Hi Cameron,

It's good you recognize your need to battle those sins and to seek counsel and help against them. I think the people most equipped to help you would be your local pastor or member of your local church. If you haven't, talk to someone in a leadership position at your church whom you trust, so that he can help you in your fight for holiness. It would be difficult to have accountability with someone online, it's much better in person because you will have to meet face to face with the person. Continue to pray to God, read your Bible and trust in the sovereign sanctifying purpose of the Holy Spirit. Here's an article from desiringgod.org that might help:


I also recommend reading the enemy within by Kris Lundgaard.  It is a book derived from John Owen's treatises on indwelling sin in the believer's life and the mortification of sin. Killing sin is different for everyone, some find instant success, others find themselves battling till the end of their lives. But as christians, we never give up on the fight against sin. There is a heaven and hell difference between one who fights his sin and demonstrates godly sorrow against his sin and one who is completely content in living a sinful life. I pray you're on the side of pursuing victory against sin. And your payer will be answered, either in this life, or the next. All who believe will be made like Him who saves. Be prepared for highs and lows and joy and sorrow, but never leave the fight for purity and holiness.

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