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December 2018 Update

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I know I'm a little early (it's almost December anyways :P). It has been a little bit since my last update, so I wanted to provide you guys with some feedback. Right when I became an admin of this website, life hit me at full force - long story short it took my time away from this site. The trials that came at me are not over yet. I plan to invest in this forum for the long haul so I'm not gone, but as I go through some difficulties I'll be here and there. I just wanted to let you know what's going on so you don't think I've quit already. :) 


But with these trials, it has helped me see things in a different spiritual light, and in different ways I want to share that with you guys. The first way I want to do that is by focusing the month of December on trials and all of the various aspects - what happens during a trial, why we go through them, how to go through them, what to do when you feel like giving up during a trial, and so forth. I'd like to take this time in my life to just discuss, debate, and encourage each other as we will all go through trials in our lives, whether it's now, or in the future. I feel like having a bunch of topical posts on trials throughout the month of December would be a good way to not only drum up more activity, but also edify each other.


I will be creating various topics, both in the debate forum as well as Bible study forums, prayer forums & beyond. If you have any questions on trials or experiences you'd like to share, let me know and I'll add those to the discussion in those threads as well. Just post below what you'd like to see as a topic and I will see about creating that topic. I'm not creating the topics to say I've learned all the answers, but instead I want to participate as well to mold my own understanding and to also be encouraged. So, if you have any suggestions/questions, just let me know below!



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