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JESUS' TRUE FACE VIDEO on Youtube: 2 Preachers Show Christ's Image on His Burial Cloth from Mark 15:46

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I give below, a link to a Youtube video by "The Two Preachers" that shows the proven real burial cloth of Jesus Christ, on which you can see the true face and body of our most sweet and beloved God. The video gives a couple of interesting evidences on why this linen burial cloth-called today "the Shroud of Turin"- is Jesus's actual burial shroud. I also, in the first reply after this OP, show two nearly 2000 year old real, proven pictures of Agrippa the First, who put Peter in prison and killed Apostle James, as told in Acts 12(New Testament); and Salome, the young lady who asked that John the Baptist be killed, as told in Matthew 14:1-12.

*One of the smartest evangelical scholars, professor Gary Habermas of Liberty University, believes the Shroud of Turin is certainly Jesus's burial cloth. Many other protestant Christian leaders such as Lee Strobel(wow) , Protestant church pastor Richard Steel(see his book: The Evidence for Jesus),  and David Mainse, also hold the same view!

***Please do your part to glorify Jesus and to feed his sheep, by sharing the Youtube( below) video with friends and family-even with Sunday school teachers. And make sure you say that Dr. Gary Habermas(an evangelical) says the Shroud of Turin really belonged to Jesus. If you are Catholic(I'm Protestant :)), then it's easy for you to share with other Catholics because they already have many church leaders and scholars who believe it to be Christ's real shroud.   The "Two Preachers" help poor Christian orphans around the world so the more views their videos get, the more they can give. Thanks!  

So share with friends and family this way so the Shroud of Turin  video goes viral(you will be blessed and get huge rewards in heaven. Heaven is a great, perfect place where we will enjoy fellowship with Jesus and our Father, and other Christians; and have super great fun enjoying the rewards/treasures we have earned on earth by strengthening the faith of our fellow Christians and helping Christians in other ways! But we do not earn our salvation: that comes by believing in Jesus to save us.

----BOTH (1) share the Shroud of Turin Youtube video link with your friends and (2) also to ask their friends to share the Shroud of Turin Youtube video with(next in the viral chain) their friends. -----

But you have to do both *1 and All of *2 to keep the Whole Message (which is the Shroud of Turin Youtube video link And Sharing it {"Share it" is part of the Whole Message} ) going on and on and on. Otherwise "the sharing of the Shroud of Turin Youtube link will stop after 1 or 2 friends connecting back to you.

I want it to go viral to glorify Christ  and help the poor Christian kids.Thank you.:biggrin: I have no connection to this Youtube video. You will be rewarded and blessed.

****** A few  paragraphs below is the Youtube link!*******

Dozens of books have been written to explain why the Shroud of Turin is authentic/real. But in order to quickly understand how and why 3 brilliant American chemists/scientists showed that the many blood marks on this shroud were put on it by Jesus's body before the picture of his face and body was miraculously put on this same shroud, therefore absolutely proving it is truly Christ's linen burial cloth, please see my thread in this "Bible" subforum named "Image of Jesus's Real Face From the Shroud of Turin"[0ctober 14, 2017] AND then go read its 6th reply post[September 16,2018]. I also have photos of the Shroud of Turin in that OCT, 2017 thread. There are many good books that explain the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin also.

Shroud of Turin experts all have the saying: "Blood before image/picture"!    When you read and understand how it is impossible for anyone but God to put the blood marks  onto the Shroud of Turin exactly matching Jesus's wounds before the picture of his body was put on the same shroud- you will be amazed.

    ***{Please understand that only in photos of the Shroud of Turin taken under bright super white light can the red blood be clearly seen, That is why in many Shroud of Turin photos the blood is almost impossible to see.These were taken in low light. But in my October 14,2017 thread's 6th reply post I show a blood marked Shroud of Turin photo! See the title of that thread in the 2nd paragraph.}

*****The Shroud of Turin is also miraculously the world's first X Ray!! The black and white "Negative" image of the Shroud of Turin is an X Ray according to Professor of Radiology Harold E. Davis(he is a fellow of the American College of Radiologists).  Other radiologists, including Everett James of Vanderbilt University agree! (Please ask your parents to see a photographic Negative. All photographs came with them 20 years ago.)

***In Matthew 27:59, Mark 15:46 and in 5 other places in the New Testament Gospels, the linen burial cloth of Christ is clearly mentioned. Here is the link to the 2018 Update Shroud of Turin Youtube video:


As I said,  eminent  Protestant evangelical scholars and evangelists believe it to be Christ's real burial cloth, with his true image.

*****Please tell (and send the Youtube link)to your family and friends- even to Sunday school teachers and youth pastors- I explained in the 4th and 5th paragraph on how to get this Youtube video going viral. I hope I was clear or at least sort of.:sad:(make sure to say Dr. Gary Habermas and Lee Strobel thinks for certain it is real.)

*************Jesus said in John 14:11 that we should believe that the Father is in him "at least" by the miracles/works he did. The Shroud of Turin is one of those miracles/works so please share the link... it is easy and you will be glorifying Jesus and helping your neighbor.

 I have no connection to the linked video or to The Two Preachers.

Thank you for spending your time reading this thread and clicking on the link!:thumbsup:

All praise and glory to Our Father and his Only Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

The Good News of the free gift of everlasting life in heaven by believing in and trusting Jesus Christ the Eternal God,  must be heard by all.  What an infinitely valuable and priceless gift for free -but it can be received from God only by faith in Christ Jesus! No other way to heaven I lovingly , gently and humbly say. Jesus is God is Love. See you in heaven my dear sisters and brothers of all colors around the world. Hang on to Jesus with all your strength. Life on earth is very short---You will be royal Princesses and Princes forever and ever. See you there!:):thumbup: 

Please see the replies below for more proven pictures of real people from the New Testament and other evidences and to learn just how much God loves you.

P.S.: The  2000 year old stone Southern Steps of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, where Jesus drove the money-changers out of, still exist today! However the Second Temple was destroyed and is in ruins. The "Southern Steps" of the Temple Mount is where Jesus use to sit on  and preach from. Though, first let me say sisters and brothers in Christ, we are the real children of God Almighty. He is our Heavenly Dad/Papa! Please do not forget this because life on earth has problems and does get hard. But because we are the real children of God, He will be with us when one suffers pain. You and I are Never, ever alone!!

Okay back to the archaeology. You can actually see the proven, actual stone steps in Jerusalem where our dear God,Jesus, preached from if you go to YouTube and Search:   Southern Steps Jesus 



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(2 posts down I prove how we can be certain that God inspired the Bible. It is about quarantine and fits well with the incredibly strange days of the pandemic we are living in!)

Here is a proven true image of Salome, from Matthew 14:1-12. The image was made of her when she was much older than she was when she danced at her step-father's birthday.(She was certainly there at her step-father Herod Antipas' palace when Jesus was forced to appear in front of Herod Antipas before he was crucified.

It is amazing that even small details of the Gospels of the Bible can be proven true.

Image result for salome coinSalome

Here  below is the proven image of King Agrippa the First. He is told of in Acts 12, New Testament, where he is said to have killed Apostle James and put Peter in prison.

***In my next coming reply way below, I show  the true picture of King who speaks to Apostle Paul in Acts 26:28!! Also I show the true wall that the people of Jerusalem sat on(700  years before Jesus came to Earth)as told of in Isaiah 36 in the Bible's OT.

agrip1_coin.gif*images used under "Fair Use Copyright Law"


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  At the bottom of this post is a link to the true, nearly 2000 year old image of the man who speaks to Apostle Paul in Acts 26:28 of the New Testament and also a link to a photo of the 2700 year old Wall of Jerusalem from the book of Isaiah, chapter 36.

Purdue University scholar, professor  Dr. L. Mykytiuk, published an article in a Bible archeology journal which lists 53  biblical OT people proven by scientific archeology. (I give the link below.) He has another article about historical proof for Jesus: Google "Mykytiuk Jesus BAR article". There are also over 12 people in the New Testament  that have been also proven to exist. Even if there were no scientific archeological proof for a single person in the Bible(but of course there is) we could still be certain that the Bible is true because of the measure  of faith God(Christ) gives us. Faith is a real thing and it is the most powerful and best way we can figure out what the truth is.(The Truth is of course Jesus of Nazareth.)Faith also comes from hearing the Word of God- which is the Bible of course(See Romans 10:17).


 -- https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/people-cultures-in-the-bible/people-in-the-bible/50-people-in-the-bible-confirmed-archaeologically/

However since Jesus Christ is Almighty God and he created us, he knows we have weaknesses such as having a bit or even almost total doubt that Christ is God and what he has so lovingly done for us(his suffering, shedding of his blood, and death on his Cross and resurrection 3 days later.) After all,  one of his chosen apostles, Thomas, who spent 3 and 1/2 years with Lord Jesus, would not believe until Christ Jesus let him touch him after his bodily resurrection. So God has made available many evidences that prove that the Bible is true and can be trusted. Jesus declared in John 14:11 that we should at least believe in him by his works/miracles. One of the greatest works of Jesus ,through the Holy Spirit, is the Bible itself. And the Lord Jesus has allowed for the people, the places, prophecies and even a couple of miracles, of the Bible to be confirmable(provable). (However we still need to put faith in Christ no matter if absolutely everything in the Bible is someday proven. Faith is important always.)

Romans 8:15 in the New Testament says we can call the Almighty  God :"Abba, Father". I call him " Dear Heavenly Dad".  He has you in his heart and is thinking of you all of the time!

Wow, we can actually call the Almighty God(Jesus and the Holy Spirit are also Almighty God, but we do not call them Father) "our heavenly Dad". Even the angels of God, whom God loves, are not permitted to call him this. This the greatest love and honor that God can give anyone.  It is all thanks to our most beautiful, sweet Jesus Christ. 

2 Corinthians 6:18 says that born again Christians are "sons and daughters" of Almighty God. You are so special to God thanks to Christ Jesus.

****Did you know that there was a woman Apostle named Junia?

Dear sisters and brothers when this world gets too difficult  to bear and tries to drag you down or insult you in every way possible, remember you are Princesses and Princes of the Royal family of Almighty God and nothing can ever take that away from you. You, who love Jesus Christ, mean everything to God Almighty!

 Our Almighty Father is always thinking of you with great love-thanks to Lord Jesus. (So talk to him daily!) Psalm 56:8 says God collects all our tears in his bottle. However Jesus said that we will have troubles in our life. Yet he promised to send us the Comforter(the Holy Spirit) to be With us and strengthen us ,through the many troubles of our life on earth. We will never walk alone ever again.

 As I was saying before,  our God, Jesus, speaks to us through his Word, the Bible.  Scholar Lawrence Mykytiuk's article which I put a link to near the beginning of my essay, shows that 53 OT people have been absolutely proven to have been real historical people.( ***Many more could be proven but sadly too many factories, apartment buildings, shopping malls, highways, roads and millions of houses have been built in the Holy Land  and so archeologists  cannot dig deep into the past everywhere and so will possibly never find proof for the rest of the people of the Bible. )Thankfully-in fact miraculously- we do have over 65 biblical people that have been proven including 6 ancestors of Jesus mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew 1:6-16! These are: King David(a female archeologist discovered evidence for David),Aziah, Uzziah, King Hezekiah, Manasseh, and Jeconiah. The Holy Spirit knew we would find proof for these special relatives of our God ,Jesus, so that is why the New Testament starts of with listing these people. God wants us to know that we can fully trust the real stories in the New Testament!
King Hezekiah, a 100% proven ancestor of Christ, was a friend of the great prophet Isaiah! God loves you so much and does not want you to have a single doubt that the Bible is really true that he has enabled archeologists to find proof that the book of Isaiah is really true! Remember Jesus quoted from the book of Isaiah more than any other Bible book. Isaiah 9 has the famous prophecy of God coming  to Earth as a son(a man).( Click the Link below to see the actual wall of Jerusalem from the year 700 BC[700 years before Jesus was born!] which the people of Jerusalem sat on in the book of Isaiah 36 and which the great prophet Isaiah saw everyday.



 Below is a LINK true picture of King Agrippa the Second ; he actually speaks to Paul in Acts 26:28!



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The Bible was first to know that tiny,almost invisible germs(bacteria and viruses) caused illnesses./diseases. Medical science only figured this out in about  AD 1850 with discoveries by Louis Pasteur. It was the true-believing Christian, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek in 1670 who first saw a tiny germ with a microscope..  The Bible's book of Leviticus was written by Moses in 1250 BC say evangelical scholars(but those who hate Christ say only in about 538 BC). In Leviticus 13:45-46 God says that those who are sick must be quarantined. This is the first time quarantine is mentioned in human history and it is 2900 years before van Leeuwenhoek discovered germs! This clearly proves that the Holy Spirit of God inspired the writing of the Bible.


There is even more proof that God inspired the Bible. In Leviticus 13:15, God says that we should clean ourselves with running water. Did you know that it was only well into the 1800s(and even 1900s in some hospitals) that doctors started to wash their hands under running water. Almost 1/3 of pregnant women died in some hosptals because doctors only washed in bowls of still water! God was telling people  how to best clean themselves over 3000 years before medical science learned.


- Did you know that science was invented by true-believing (devout) Christian men like Francis Bacon who was searching for the knowledge Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden before they sinned. Please see the book : The Fall of Man and Foundations of Science by Peter Harrison.


-Albert Einstein was not a Christian. However Einstein said he learned much from a true-believing, devout, protestant Christian scientist named James Clerk Maxwell. Indeed, Einstein  himself said he could only make his discoveries in science because "I(Einstein) stood on the shoulders of James Clerk Maxwell(so he could better see the laws of science.)


James Clerk Maxwell discovered the very important Laws of Electromagnetism. The internet, our mobile/cell phones, TVs, and all other appliances, the electric power station and modern  electronic society exist because of the sweet and smart, deeply Christian, James Clerk Maxwell. All praise to Christ Jesus!

 James Clerk Maxwell also invented the color photo! Here is a bit about James C Maxwell from the best engineering university, MIT,:(please share it with friends) Please understand that about 90 percent of the smartest scientists and mathematicians in history were true-believing(devout) Christians.


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Posted (edited)

Keep the faith sisters and brothers. Those who believe in Christ become "Born of God!" (see  Gospel of John 1:12-13.  The book of Romans 8 is amazing! Believers in Jesus are able to call God "Abba, Father". Not even the angels are permitted this!! We are the real children of God forever!

No greater gift can God give ! He is giving us his DNA as 1 John 3:9 says.Wow!(CEB version.) It is the Holy Spirit who brings us God's "seed/DNA".

This is again proven in 2 Peter 1:4-Christians are partakers of His divine nature.

Jesus said believers will live in our Father's house in heaven. God loves the wonderful angels but they cannot live in His house like we "born of God" Christians shall!

You see sisters and bros, if you are Born of God as the Bible says 5 times or more, then you must be God's real children. No greater honor can anyone ever attain , so keep the faith even if you are put to death for it as 8000 Christians are every year in the developing world, according to the Centre for the Study of Global Christianity in Massachusetts.



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I have many doubts about this, and your style of posting is... sketchy, to say the least.

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