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JESUS' TRUE FACE VIDEO on Youtube: 2 Preachers Show Christ's Image on His Burial Cloth from Mark 15:46

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I give below, a link to a Youtube video by "The Two Preachers" that shows the proven real burial cloth of Jesus Christ, on which you can see the true face and body of our most sweet and beloved God. The video gives a couple of interesting evidences on why this linen burial cloth-called today "the Shroud of Turin"- is Jesus's actual burial shroud.

*One of the smartest evangelical scholars, professor Gary Habermas of Liberty University, believes the Shroud of Turin is certainly Jesus's burial cloth. Many other protestant Christian leaders ,such as David Mainse, also hold the same view!

***Please do your part to glorify Jesus and to feed his sheep, by sharing the Youtube( below) video with friends and family-even with Sunday school teachers. And make sure you say that Dr. Gary Habermas(an evangelical) says the Shroud of Turin really belonged to Jesus. If you are Catholic, then it's easy for you to share with other Catholics because they all ready have many church leaders and scholars who believe it to be Christ's real shroud.

So share with friends and family this way so the Shroud of Turin  video goes viral:

----Simply said :the [Message(M for short)]you have to spread is the [M1 =" Shroud of Turin Youtube video link" to friends ] and [M2=" ask your friends to always BOTH (1) share the Shroud of Turin Youtube video link with their friends and (2) also to ask their friends to share the Shroud of Turin Youtube video with(next in the viral chain) their friends. -----

But you have to do both M1 and All of M2 to keep the Whole Message (which is the Shroud of Turin Youtube video link And Sharing it {"Share it" is part of the Whole Message} ) going on and on and on. Otherwise "the sharing of the Shroud of Turin Youtube link will stop after 1 or 2 friends connecting back to you.

I want it to go viral to glorify Christ so both M1 +M2 must be done. Thank you.:biggrin: I have no connection to this Youtube video.

****** A few  paragraphs below is the Youtube link!*******

Dozens of books have been written to explain why the Shroud of Turin is authentic/real. But in order to quickly understand how and why 3 brilliant American chemists/scientists showed that the many blood marks on this shroud were put on it by Jesus's body before the picture of his face and body was miraculously put on this same shroud, therefore absolutely proving it is truly Christ's linen burial cloth, please see my thread in this "Bible" subforum named "Image of Jesus's Real Face From the Shroud of Turin"[0ctober 14, 2017] AND then go read its 6th reply post[September 16,2018]. I also have photos of the Shroud of Turin in that OCT, 2017 thread. There are many good books that explain the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin also.

Shroud of Turin experts all have the saying: "Blood before image/picture"!    When you read and understand how it is impossible for anyone but God to put the blood marks  onto the Shroud of Turin exactly matching Jesus's wounds before the picture of his body was put on the same shroud- you will be amazed.

    ***{Please understand that only in photos of the Shroud of Turin taken under bright super white light can the red blood be clearly seen, That is why in many Shroud of Turin photos the blood is almost impossible to see.These were taken in low light. But in my October 14,2017 thread's 6th reply post I show a blood marked Shroud of Turin photo! See the title of that thread in the 2nd paragraph.}

The Shroud of Turin is also miraculously the world's first X Ray!! The black and white "Negative" image of the Shroud of Turin is an X Ray according to Professor of Radiology Harold E. Davis(he is a fellow of the American College of Radiologists).  Other radiologists, including Everett James of Vanderbilt University agree! (Please ask your parents to see a photographic Negative. All photographs came with them 20 years ago.)

***In Matthew 27:59, Mark 15:46 and in 5 other places in the New Testament Gospels, the linen burial cloth of Christ is clearly mentioned. Here is the link to the 2018 Update Shroud of Turin Youtube video:


The noted evangelical scholar Gary Habermas ( professor at Liberty Univ.) said recently that the Shroud of Turin is certainly Jesus's linen burial cloth! Famous evangelists Ravi Zacharias and David Mainse also thinks it is.

*****Please tell (and send the Youtube link)to your family and friends- even to Sunday school teachers and youth pastors- I explained in the 4th and 5th paragraph on how to get this Youtube video going viral. I hope I was clear or at least sort of.:sad:(make sure to say Dr. Gary Habermas thinks for certain it is real.)

*************Jesus said in John 14:11 that we should believe that the Father is in him "at least" by the miracles/works he did. The Shroud of Turin is one of those miracles/works so please share the link... it is easy and you will be glorifying Jesus and helping your neighbor.

 I have no connection to the linked video or to The Two Preachers.

Thank you for spending your time and reading this thread and clicking on the link!:thumbsup:

All praise and glory to Our Father and his Only Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

The Good News of the free gift of everlasting life in heaven by believing in and trusting Jesus Christ the Eternal God,  must be heard by all.  What an infinitely valuable and priceless gift for free -but it can be received from God only by faith in Christ Jesus! No other way to heaven I lovingly , gently and humbly say. Jesus is God is Love. See you in heaven my dear sisters and brothers of all colors around the world. Hang on to Jesus with all your strength. Life on earth is very short---You will be Princesses and Princes forever and ever. See you there!:):thumbup:


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