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OOC: Aetherfyre Cruise RESTART

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Hey everyone! I liked the idea of "The Flight of the Aetherfyre" roleplay but since it didn't go very far I thought I'd start it up again. I'm gonna edit this to include a lot of the stuff that was in the first one. In the meantime, I hope to see your characters!


The Game:

This game is a Steampunk adventure serial, set aboard the  H.M.S. Aetherfyre.

The world is much like our own in the late 19th Century, but with some significant differences in technology that make it resemble the science fiction of the Victorian era more than the Victorian era itself.  There will be more unexplored areas in this world than there were on our world at the time, and one cannot rule out the possible existence of Strange Phenomena, Weird Science, Lost Cities in the jungles, and perhaps there really are canals on far away planets, which scientists, engineers and eccentrics alike vie to find a way to reach.





Open Positions:


Ship's Officers:



First Officer

Chief Engineer


Marine Sergeant: This person is in charge of the ship's small compliment of Marines; a chief of security.

Kestrel Pilot(s): A Kestrel is a short-range ultralight aircraft used primarily for reconnaissance or to inspect the Aetherfyre in flight.

Ship's Doctor

Naturalist: Someone has to catalog the strange and exciting discoveries we make on our journeys...


Enlisted Crew:


Crew: There's lots of work that needs doing--everything from patching the gasbag to swabbing the decks and working the rigging... 

Marine: If it absolutely has to be destroyed before sun-up...

Cabin Boy/Girl: Attend to the needs of our passengers.  Customer Service is the Pride of the Blue Star Line!



Scullery Maid




From lords and ladies, to scientists and spies, to the lowliest stowaway, you'll find them aboard the Aetherfyre!


And now for the Roleplaying rules:


1. You may join at any time, no matter how long this game has been running.  To join, you can apply for an Open Position on the Aetherfyre's crew (see above) by posting your character bio (see below) or join the ship as a passenger.


2. Characters should be more or less normal humans.  While certain Mysterious Powers of the Mind, Revolutionary Discoveries of Science, or even Legendary Monsters such as Vampires or Werewolves may exist in this world, such things are more likely to be what the characters are up against, rather than characters.  In short, the GM reserves the right to veto anything that might make a character into a superhero.  This is not to say that a character cannot have a steam-powered mechanical arm or a talent for psychometry.  Just keep it within bounds, so that normal human characters are not seriously outclassed.  If you have an idea for a character that you really like, but you think it might violate this rule, feel free to PM me with the character's bio and I will try to help you get the character you want within the spirit of this rule.


3. No "God-moding."  "God-moding" is a general catch-all term that refers to usurping the prerogatives of the GM (Game Master--that's me; basically the game's referee) or of other players.  A player cannot do something like crash the Aetherfyre (without GM permission), kill or seriously injure another player's character, make another player's character have a crush on theirs, etc. without that player's permission, having your character know things they couldn't possibly know, and the like. 


To avoid "God-moding," write your post so that the result of your character's actions on another character are left open-ended.  For example: "Jake took a swing at Albert's face" or "Margaret leaned forward to kiss Ruprecht."  Either of these leaves an opening for the other player to allow the action ("Jack staggered back from the blow, slamming into the boiler"/"Ruprecht threw his arms around Margaret, holding her as the only thing in this world that kept him sane") or not ("Albert ducked, then threw a punch at Jake's gut"/"Ruprecht turned away before her lips could meet his.  'I...I can't...' he said.")


Another form of God-moding is to portray your character having knowledge and/or abilities that should be outside of their reach.  If your character is an uneducated cabin boy, he will not know how to fly the Aetherfyre, repair a sophisticated Clockwork Automaton, or be able to respond as if he knows what another character is thinking (if it's not apparent from facial expression), their past, something they said to another character when your character was not present, etc..


5. Don't be afraid to lose. One of the main temptations to God-moding is the perfectly natural desire to see our characters come out on top.  "My character is teh pwnzor!  RAWR!"  However, the best drama can often be found in facing defeat and failure.  A lesson from the School of Hard Knocks (whose colors are black and blue) can be a terrific opportunity for character development, and for you as a writer to improve your craft. 


6. No "One-Liner" posts.  Try your best to avoid "one-liner" posts containing only a single action or line of dialogue.  Include some description, your character's internal thoughts, etc. to fill out each post a little.  If your character is in a conversation with another and you're both having difficulty avoiding one-liners, you can do a Joint Post (JP):


7. Joint Posts:  A "Joint Post" happens when two or more players co-write a post via PM, Skype, an Instant Messenger, etc. (i.e., some place other than the RP's in-game thread).  A player writes their character's action or line of dialogue, then sends this to the other player(s) they are JP'ing with.  The other player(s) put in their responses, and send it back.  Then, once a few lines of dialogue or action are put together, one player agrees to edit and post the Joint Post to the in-game thread.  A JP should be identified as such with participating players' usernames listed prior to the in-character part of the post.  Something like "A Joint Post by Logos and Ambassidor."  This way, it is obvious that the person posting the JP is not God-moding with other players' characters.


Joint posts should not be too long.  If you and another player are having a conversation in a hallway, you should not JP more than two or three "back-and-forth" responses.  That way, other players have the option of having their character come down the hallway and encounter yours.  In other words, a JP that is too long can fence other players out.  On the other hand, a JP makes it possible for something like this:



"Hello Margaret," Jake said.


"Hello," Margaret replied, trying to hide the sadness in her voice.


"I hear you struck out with Ruprecht," Jake said.


"...He...does not fancy me."


"Well...he always seemed like a kindof a prat anyway.  Not worth your time if you ask me."


to be one post, rather than a series of one-liners. 


8. Leaves of Absence (LOA's) and Leaving the Game:


If you are going to be unable to post for some extended period of time (going on vacation, etc.), please post in this thread to let other players know when you will leave and when you will come back.  If you have time, try to "write your way out" of conversations, etc. before you leave so that the game can continue while you are away, and other players' characters are not stranded until you return.


If you will be leaving the game--especially if your character is one of the Ship's Officers or is in any other central or leadership role--you will need to write an exit for your character.  They can retire, get transferred to another ship, get eaten by a Sky Kraken, whatever.  Also, post that you will be leaving in this thread.  This will give the GM the opportunity to move another character into your character's position.  You may also turn your character over to the GM to use as an NPC ("Non-Player Character") or give them to another player (they then become the property of the other player).  The GM has the right to remove an NPC from the game in order to make their position available to a new player character.  Players may apply for an NPC's position at any time (it is treated as an open position). 


If you are tired of a character but would like to stay in the game, you may write that character out of the game or give him/her to the GM or another player as if you were leaving, then post a bio for your new character.


9. Multiple Characters:


You may play more than one character in this game.  However, if you are new to this sort of Roleplaying Game, it is best to start out with only one or two characters until you get the hang of it.  Try not to have more characters than  you can keep up with.  The GM reserves the right to disapprove further additional character bios from a player with more than one character.


10. Posting Frequency and Patience:


If possible, I would like to encourage players to try to post at least once a week for each character they control.  Ideally, a "critical mass" of active posters posting once a week for their characters will help sustain player interest.  Currently, the Roleplay Games section is operating very slowly, so this rule will not (yet) be strictly enforced.  However, if a player has not posted in a a month or so without an announced LOA (this period may shortened with prior notice if we get enough active players who don't want to be held up), the GM reserves the right to take over a character and write for them if other players are waiting on that character.  No guarantees are offered that an 'abandoned' character taken over in this manner will survive the experience.


The other side of the coin: Please be patient with your fellow players, and they will return the favor.  Real Lifetm has a habit of getting between us and our beloved RP's, so be willing to wait a week or more for other players to reply.  If you've got abundant time and want to have "something to do" in the Roleplay Section at all times, it's a good idea to join--or start!--more than one Roleplay and/or have more than one character, so that if one character is stuck waiting for someone's reply, you can post for another character and/or in another game.


11. Posting Format:


Please write your posts in standard English (i.e., no "text-speak," using "u r" for "you are" or "ur" for "your" and the like).  Please use the third person point of view (e.g.: Jake saw Margaret standing at the other end of the catwalk.  I should try to talk to her, he thought, feeling his heart skip a beat.  With an effort of will, he overcame his nervousness and headed her way.  "Hello, Margaret," he said) rather than something like first person POV (e.g.: I saw Margaret standing at the other end of the catwalk...).


Out of Character ("OOC") posts:


Most OOC posting should be done in this thread.  Posts where you are role-playing as your character will go in the In-Character ("IC") thread.  It is OK to put a small OOC bit into an IC post if necessary for clarification, but this should be kept to a minimum so that flow of the story in the IC thread is not disrupted.  Example:



Jake saw a mysterious woman standing in the shadows at the end of the catwalk.  Cautiously, he approached her.  "Top o' the mornin' to you, ma'am," he said, touching the brim of his hat.


OOC: He is talking to Margaret.


The OOC there is used to make sure that Margaret's player knows Jake is talking to Margaret, if the situation in the game is ambiguous, i.e., there is more than one character who might be seen as a "mysterious woman" standing near a catwalk.


And here's the character template:


Appearance: (decriptions are fine)




Personal History:

Position on the Aetherfyre (if applicable):

Other (optional): (other things your character may have, from trinkets to weapons to tools.)

Have fun!

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Name: Estelle Vincent (aka Lilith Moore)

Epperance: miCLuvddXtPLxxsej7qUSVZR7Enmx4QbA55NBGqFiO45mix1MflheTojoLRWS7D-PjJFalLdy5Sw9FRlUOg7TFxEp9Wx5yZrY7PiK65tTKTfsIIWFvKhY-HuUN6Ad-xD8LNQF_i5


Gender: female 


Occupation/Hobbies: reading, thieving, grifting, lock picking, napping, 


Personality: confident, smart, with a devil's tongue, Lilith is introverted and can be quiet at times, but isn’t at all shy. She is focused and observant. She likes to read and is very well educated. She is very positive and cares more about people than she lets on. It takes a lot for her to trust someone enough to consider them a friend, so she has little to no friends, but is comfortable in her solitude. She tends to be weak willed at times.  


Personal history: Lilith was raised in a thieves guild. Her parents taught her how to be a thief/grifter, until they were captured and executed when she was ten years old. Shortly after her parents death, the leader of the guild took her in and continued to teach her how to be a thief. She was well educated and cared for. When she was nineteen, the guild dispersed, after having been compromised by a leak giving info to the authorities. Lilith Moore continued her thieving career alone. Three years later, Lilith found herself as a passenger on the Aetherfyre, going by the name Estelle Vincent. 


Position on the Aetherfyre: passenger 


Other: Estell carries daggers, lock picks, and a gun on her person at all time. 

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Nice character, and it's accepted!

(One thing I will point out though, is that being confident and weak-willed are often incompatible. You may want to change that, but if you can roleplay it, go for it!)

Also, another note, I'll be playing all the crew and the captain unless someone wants that role. I could also jump in and play a passenger for the PCs to converse with if necessary.

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17 minutes ago, Lucidity said:

One thing I will point out though, is that being confident and weak-willed are often incompatible. You may want to change that, but if you can roleplay it, go for it!)

Oh, that’s a good point xD. I think I’ll give it a shot tho. I think the tedious balance of confident yet weak willed makes the character more interesting. Thanks for the advice tho!

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Alrighty! I think you'll do a great job.

Anyone else want to give this a shot?

Edit: I renamed the topic to denote that it is the out-of-character topic. I'll start the RP topic in a few days to give ev'ryone a chance to join and draw up characters.

Edited by Lucidity

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Here's the captain, so you know what he looks like. I don't know how much he'll be a part of the  story, but we'll see:


Name: Stammel Appertoire.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Stereotypical captain, very tall and broad shouldered, with greying brown hair, bronzed skin, and a few scars on his face.

Occupation/Hobbies: As the captain of the Aetherfyre, Appertoire has little time for hobbies, but his most enjoyed pastime is sneaking upon crewmates and looming over them. The older crew tell the new hires that he lives off their fear.

Personality: Over it. His physique naturally grants him attention whenever he walks into a room, and he's been in charge for so long, it's difficult to overwhelm him. Otherwise, he has a tired resignation to other's antics, and doesn't care to step into arguments.

Personal History: Appertoire is an unobtrusive person, and most townsfolk of Heavenreach Harbor don't know he exists. Among his crew, rumors fly about him once being a pirate from a far land, but there are records in the Coastal Patrol office that he was a crewman of a man o' war. Either way, the company that owns the  Aetherfyre hired him, and this is his second exhibition in charge of it.

Position abaord the Aetherfyre: Captain.

Other: Appertoire keeps a large revolver in his desk, but doesn't carry it. His pipe, however, is a more faithful companion, besides a midsized knife.


Also, if you want to put your character's actions in bold, feel free, but I do it when something happens to the entire ship.

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