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  4. At least CTF has died in an honorable way. Spambots are no more, it has been updated and looks pretty. RIP old friend. 

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  6. LittleMac

    I'm back again

    Hello, I used to be pretty frequent on here ages ago then just kinda fell off. I technically came back for a few days around Christmas but didn't really do anything, so here's me officially re-introducing myself I guess. I'm planning to be checking on here a lot more often so feel free to say hi whenever, if ya want
  7. Ah, yes. The dry seasons. No one teaches new believers about those. NO. ONE. and they happen. The "romance" of being saved ends when you realize how crappy the world is, how bad people who call themselves Christians can be, how nothing ends up in your favor, how evil seems to be winning, how "If God is good why am I single/ugly/lonely /why is the world: evil, cruel, hateful..." etc, etc. I get it. Thing is, God isn't those legalistic church people who take verses out of context. God isn't that "holier than thou" NO TOUCHY OPPOSITE SEX college. Which, again, is legalism and if you try other areas, you will find that in pockets. Not all Christians share that sentiment. I have been a believer for 20 years and I do hug my male friends and go to the movies with them, and I've even been clothes shopping a few times with them. Christianity is so much than Jeremiah 29:11 taken out of context or a chrome fish on a car. It's not a get rich quick scheme or a way to get babes and degrees. You have to have a relationship with God to get to heart of Christianity, because He IS at the center of it. You have to know him and his principles and his Son. You can't just read 2 Bible verses, attend church twice and expect everything in the world to be okay. Having communion with God will make everything in your world FEEL okay, or doable at least, even if it's not actually okay. You do eventually find peace. and may fall out of peace, but there's the beauty of being human. "Christian life is dull"? Yeah, okay. Try getting fired from your dream job a week before rent is due when you're broke in the first place. Try following the Lord to some new scary place where you don't know a soul while driving a 20 year old car. Try moving across the country because God told your parents to. Try losing friends because of your faith. Try being at the end of you rope with a suicide plot in place only to have someone step in at the last minute to stop you. Try learning about yourself in darkest hours. Try watching the world, your world, fall apart in front of your eyes but you feel peace regardless. If the Christian life is dull for you, you're probably doing something wrong. Or you haven't been doing it long enough. As for religion, James 1:27 says this "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." That's it. It doesn't have a list of rules. "Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God" are the basics. It doesn't require 5 prayers a day. As you become closer to God, you learn more and you start living the standards the Bible sets, such as fleeing immorality and not wanting your neighbor's stuff. It's not something you just go cold turkey from one lifestyle to another. It's a gradual change of heart. As for downloading the app, wonderful! Kudos for not giving up totally. I suggest Psalms, Proverbs or the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke John) as starters. I'd also suggest implementing prayer. I talk to God for 5 miles of my commute every day. It's not a bunch but it helps. You could start with praying for 3 minutes and work your way up. If you'd like some advice, I say stop comparing your life to others. You will always see their grass as greener. ALWAYS. I do this myself. I've been praying for a spouse for a long time and when I see my younger friends dating and getting married, I tend to go "Why NOT me God?" or even "Yo, you can do anything, why didn't you make me hot like her? Or rich like him? What is wrong with you? Why did you make me this way?" or I see happy families and start off with "Okay, Mr. Perfection, why is her dad killin' it and my dad was an abuser? Why does she get to thrive and I got nothing but pain?" and it does turn into a more PG version of what you said earlier. " You're mean, God and I hate you because you haven't blessed me in X Y Z ways!!" The lack of comparison will not only impact your faith, but your mental health as well. Change your perspective from comparison to gratitude and watch yourself change. Be thankful for that toilet, food you can eat, a roof over your head, clothes you like. Don't let the fact your neighbor has a Lambo and you have a Civic convince your life is terrible and God is awful. Material goods are not an indicator of anything long lasting.
  8. the sick

    Regaining Faith

    I don't know if this is any help, but look at "the other side" (atheists). They don't understand anything, life is pointless, they don't have values. They are lost. If they have nothing and God has answers and common sense, it should kind of be obvious which side to be on. If you have a question about anything specific, feel free to message me. This is just how I know I'm always on the right side and having a relationship with God is the smart thing to do.
  9. I believe in God, and probably won't ever stop. I'm a Christian Protestant, and have been for years. My problem is that while I believe in God, I believe Jesus died for our sins, and accept Him as my Lord and Savior, I don't really care. I actively dislike church, I dislike churchgoers, and I dislike the Christian lifestyle. I also have jealousy of other people for their health, their wealth, their successes, their physical looks, etc. and blame God for giving me nothing. I understand that I don't live in Haiti, Ethiopia, etc. where I don't have a toilet or clean water, and I'm thankful. But for someone who lives in the United States and deals with problems such as what I noted in the previous sentence, I just blame God for everything and can't get over it. For months, I'll say "**** you, God," or "**** God," or something similar. I think about the people I have met since I became an active Christian again about 4 years ago (after a lifetime of believing but not bothering or anything) and how many issues I have with them. Most of the people I have met at church are people that I dislike for various reasons. In their defense, I'm not a really nice/good person (I'm very blunt and dislike even perceived weakness if I think it's dumb). However, this is where I am now. I just don't want anything to do with church or church people, but at the same time, I understand church and God are good for me. I remember an argument for atheists and how they think it's unfair God is basically sending them to hell for not believing. The answer to it was, "Well, you are alive now and you dislike church, you dislike the ten commandments, you dislike worship and prayer. Heaven is full of that, and everything to glorify God. If you don't want it now, why are you complaining about not experiencing it for the rest of eternity/in the afterlife?" But yet, here I am. I can only think of people I dislike and the way none of us see eye-to-eye on things. I think of the dullness of Christian life, the stupid rules (e.x. a local Christian college forbids men and women from sitting together at lunch, or going out to see a movie), and the general stupidity I see such as faith healing (it doesn't cure cancer), the old-fashioned adults who try bossing the younger churchgoers around because the Bible says to respect your elders, and just nothing really good. I had this problem, sort of, a few years ago. I remember a girl (who is now an ex-Christian, I believe) saying that I was judging God and my relationship with Him based on other people, i.e. imperfect beings who didn't have a thing to do with God's greatness or my relationship with Him. But everything combined from the people I know/have met, the way I think I'm getting the short stick in life, and the lifestyle we're expected to lead just make me dislike it all completely. I believe in God, but I'm not practicing the religion anymore. My relationship with Him is weak if it even exists anymore, and again, I know that's bad. But what can I do to strengthen it? I opened a new Bible app on my phone last night, but I didn't know where to start. I was hoping someone here could point me to some Bible verses/stories/parables/books concerning this that could hopefully help, but after writing all of this out, I'll take pretty much any advice you guys can give. I just wanted friends, a girlfriend, success with my college degree, and generally a good life, but I've never had it. If I give up religion completely (and possibly political views although that is highly unlikely), I would probably get the first two and maybe the last. But I don't want to trade eternity in Heaven for a few good decades on earth and then the rest of forever in Hell.
  10. “Hear me, Lord, and answer me, for I am poor and needy” – Psalm 86:1 As days go by in our life here on earth so many times our focus gets fixed on something transient and passing. Daily cares of life, all the needs and desires of others in our lives, even our own ambitions, and goals sometimes cloud the vision for what really matters. Remember when you started to know the Lord, the day you bowed your knee and spoke with your Lord who redeemed you? Remember the awe in your heart for Him who died for you? How sitting at his feet for hours was easy? We all can drift from this intimate focus on the Lord, where our hearts desire was for Him to just hear us and answer. Where we had a poor and needy attitude of being poor in spirit (Matthew 5:3). If you have drifted from this goal, you can still put your main aim to know Jesus more intimately, He is waiting for you. There is a wonderful contemporary song that captures some of the heart of being a friend with Jesus but still having great fear and awe in what He did for us, here are some of the lyrics: Wonderful, merciful Saviour Precious Redeemer and Friend Who would’ve thought that a Lamb could Rescue the souls of men Oh, You rescue the souls of men Here in our weakness You find us Falling before Your throne Oh, we’re falling before Your throne Today, set your heart back to the place where you first found Him. Not in just Bible reading, or in ministry endeavours or other Christian things, but in that place where you sat at the feet of Jesus (Luke 10:39) for Him alone. One day we will bow at His feet in heaven in adoration. Let us also now be found at His feet in intimate worship and relationship. Lord, I bow today before Your feet, I look to Your face and just long to hear words from Your mouth. Forgive me for being so distracted with other things. Precious Lord let me know You more intimately day after day until I see you soon. Amen.
  11. Whose tongue utters no slander, who does no wrong to a neighbour, and casts no slur on others. - Psalm 15:3 The psalmist David speaks of the type of person who can dwell near the Lord. When we speak against someone's reputation this is never a light thing. One who God dwells near should have absolutely no slander in his lips or in the heart. We all judge others or form opinions in our minds of others, we must be quick to cast down thoughts that are not based on our personal experience of the individual. When we hear stories or third-party stories of another brother and sister in the Lord and then cast a judgment we err. It is even worse when we take part in slandering someone when we have never known or spoken with the actual individual being blamed. Even if a brother or sister has erred in a significant way this is not our job or right to slander them, rather we should seek to pray for them and show the love of God. If we are praying for our sister or brother we will not be able to sin against them, but when we are sinning against them we can never truly pray for them. Polycarp bishop of Smyrna says, "Not quickly crediting an evil report against any one, not severe in judgment, as knowing that we are all under a debt of sin. If then we entreat the Lord to forgive us, we ought also ourselves to forgive; for we are before the eyes of our Lord and God." Though we know the theology that God is ever-present seeing all things, we usually act as if God cannot see. When we talk about others, ruin someone's name, write words that accuse we do not realize all of these words are in the sight of God. Our Lord even said that every single small word we utter or write will be held for account in the last day (Matthew 12:36). In the passage we are looking at the last statement is of significance. In Hebrew the words for "casts no slur" essentially gives us a word picture of someone picking up an object to throw at someone. Here we have words being spoken to others in reproach and scorn. The word "slur" in hebrew gives the sense of something that is despised. One who is a child of God cannot carry such hate in their heart no matter even if evil was done to them. When we speak about others in such ways we end up hurting ourselves spiritually and the Lord does not dwell near us. When we judge others like this we end up judging our Lord who became sin for that individual. We end up speaking against him as a despised thing. All humans are made in the image of God and when we sin against them we in a sense sin against God. David in his confession of sin against other humans realized that the sin was against God (Psalm 51:4). Let us do not wrong to our neighbour even to those who have hurt us.
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    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

  13. T.O.W.R.

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Y’all need a new Bored.
  14. Seas the day! :P

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      I'll ocean that :') 

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    Prayers for myself!

    you got it, friendo!
  16. Will_Power

    Prayers for myself!

    Hey all! I just ask for a bit of prayer for myself. As of late, it seems everything in life is hitting at once. 8+ months ago I bought a house that I shortly found out later was in unlivable conditions due to the previous owners not disclosing damage that was done to it. So I've been staying at a different place and I'm paying a mortgage for a house that I cannot move into. I may own the house for up to a year before I can even move in due to the amount of work that is needed. A settlement was made with the previous owners, however it wasn't enough to cover even half the bills that are needed to compete the house. In the midst of this, stuff at work is changing dramatically too. A new company bought our company out, and my position at work is being eliminated. Luckily I was just offered a promotion, but it requires travel and they recommend me moving to a different state. Travel I don't mind, but it will take away even more time from extracurricular activities, such as CTF or hobbies. They said I can negotiate moving (which I definitely will) because it isn't in my financial means to take a loss on the house that I just bought currently. Plus I love where I live anyways. So prayers that I will make the correct decision at work as well, and will seek God's guidance to see if the new position is a correct fit for me. Also, 3 weeks ago I slipped on some ice and hurt my back a decent amount. Just prayers that my back will continue healing properly. I fully believe in the power of prayer, as I've already seen God move in different ways in my current house situation. Please pray along with me, as it says in Matthew "for where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Thanks in advanced!
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    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    Sorry, I was mad.
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    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    Best thing I've ever read on this site.
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    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    I got motivated waaaaaay back in 2012. God called me into the profession and here I am. I am basically fluent, but still learning new things every day.
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    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    Nope, I'm a moderator.
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    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    Are you an administrator, @Boogles?
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    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    By sheer... Will_Power hah. hahaha. that's his username. I'm sorry. XD Will and I were struggling with the fact that this place was dying so ungraciously, so, he talked to Cary during the summer, got some rights and here we are.
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    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    How did that happen?
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    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    The new admin that we got this summer. XD
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    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    Then who upgraded the software from IPS 3 to IPS 4?
  26. Well, what do you know? The owner finally upgraded the forums to IPB 4. :) Congrats, owner!

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