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Moving.... Goodbye party ideas?

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So I'm moving in a couple weeks to another state. I wanted to see all my friends, from church, school, and wherever else, one last time so I was thinking of throwing a good bye party..... is it cheesy to throw one for yourself? It'd be for my brother (a year younger than me) and I.

I was thinking of avoiding having it at my house, like having it somewhere like the community pool/field. I don't want to pay much money. I was thinking of having it at the community pool/field and calling it like a potluck/pool party, and asking everyone to bring something, that way there will be plenty of food for everybody and I don't have to supply anything but plates and soda. I wanted to have like a slip n slide party, but theres not enough hoses lol. But I wanted to have it in the evening, like 7-11 or something.... What do you think? The pool also has like an attached "splash park" like one of those things that sprays water.

The other places around I could go is the beach, which actually now that i think of it is a good option bc we could still have the potluck by the picnic tables.... but then again i dont want people going into the water bc my mom doesnt want to be responsible for other kids. Or I was thinking of like a park.... but what activity could people do there? ugg this is very confusing! And plus, I want to play music, but i dont want people dancing bc the kids will dance dirty lol.

I thought this would be nice because I could have pictures and get to say goodbye to my friends, but I am worried that its going to be tacky because ive never heard of someone throwing themselves a goodbye party before haha!

Ideas/thoughts would be great.
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No ofcourse it isnt tacky.
Iv'e heard of people throwing themselves going away parties before, why not?
Maybe not till eleven that's a little late. though something like 5or 6 till 10 could be good.
but then you have to think of lighting if its at night.

what's the community feild like?
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