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Is Going To Club A Sin?

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Some tell me that it is a sin because we just shouldn't be there, and being there already makes us sin. Others also tell me that it depends on what we do, if we only dance and have fun with friends, it's not a sin, but if we get drunk, hook up with some guys, dirty dance, meet some new guys to have sex, it'll be a sin.

In here clubs are places where people don't just dance, but they get drunk and meet people with sex interest. I personally love dancing, but I guess the club I went to once wasn't a nice place, for a girl who belongs to God like me. I saw those people were dancing, they had drinks with them, they ground onto some boys, and it seemed nasty. I enjoyed dancing, but seeing those people wasn't just right for me.

I was with my boyfriend, then when I got home I had some problems. My daddy was mad at me, and my sister was too, she didn't want to be roomies with me anymore she moved all her stuffs to the other room. So was it a really big fault? It was my first time going to a club and I had nasty problems already.

Some also say that clubs are more like Satan's playground to tempt us to sin. Like, if I know it's not a good place that can make me meet people that I shouldn't, the place where I might as well get drunk, which is against the Bible.

What do you think and what should I do. I've promised that I won't ever go to the club again, but sometimes I feel like I want to dance again, but the place isn't just right.

Sometimes I think it's okay to go there if I only dance, but I also know somehow God doesn't want me to be there, because there are people who don't know God who sin a lot of getting drunk and having sex with people they even barely know. Like I shouldn't be one of them, I shouldn't go to the place where people act against God.

So what do you think about going to club? Do you go to club?

Jarrax Volk

Jarrax Volk

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How about this: if it serves to harm your witness for Christ, it's not an acceptable activity. If you ask whether its a good thing or a bad thing, chances are its a bad thing.

Generally, clubs are frequented by nonchristians. They are places which can and most likely will tempt you to sin--therefore you should stay away from clubs. If someone you know sees you there, you may harm your witness for Christ. If your parents don't want you to go, then, purely because they have authority over their children, it is a sin for you to disobey them (God does tell kids to obey their parents--and the limit on this is when they tell you to do something that is contrary to scripture, or when you get married--then you don't have to obey them necessarily).
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If you ask whether its a good thing or a bad thing, chances are its a bad thing.

A youth pastor I have a lot of respect for once said, "If you have to ask whether something is good or bad, 99.9% of the time it end up being bad".

Is clubbing bad? Well, I honestly don't see how going to a nightclub glorifies God (Someone might bring up the, "When I eat pizza, am I glorifying God? Maybe I shouldn't eat pizza then... o_O. But that doesn't apply here... u.u) Yes, there is not much wrong with music and dancing and having a good time, but there are destructive things are found in nightclubs (sex, drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, indecency, etc) and it leads to temptation and sin. Even if one isn't engaging in the activities... what is the point of a Christian being there? Ephesians 4:17-24. I think nightclubs are a worldly thing, Christians live in the world but should not be of it. 1 John 2:15-17.

Simply my two cents. You can take it or leave it :)
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Tyro Of Sarcalogos

Tyro Of Sarcalogos

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^This :)




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Thanks a lot , this opens my mind :) haha

I've been God's child for 16 years, ever since I was born ♥ I want to be His witness and I want Him to have His ways in me :)

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