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Let's Dance!

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  • PipPip
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Those that are getting to know me should know it was coming. How many of you like to dance? Even if it's alone in your room before you go to sleep! I want to know :D



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I like to dance, but I never said I was good at it. xD

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Micaila was here! :biggrin:
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I like to dance, but I never said I was good at it. xD

This describes me :P

I dance every day in my room. Pretty much just random hopping around xD
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I love playing Just Dance on my wii! :)

But other than that I'm not worth watching and wouldn't embarass myself by actually dancing in public.



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I love to dance, it is awesome to break out in public with like a friend and start dancing, waltzing or just random prancing. It's really fun and is a good confidence booster which is only the added bonus.

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I love dancing, which is why I auditioned in a youth dance group even though I'm not as good as the members of the group. xD

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  • PipPip
  • 20 posts
I love to dance! I was in a dance/youth group thing but we broke up about a year ago. :crying: But now that we ha:crying: switched churches the pastor has allowed me to start my own dance group. Yay!



    Getting The Hang Of Things

  • 84 posts
I don't like dancing only because I'm not good at it. Like, I'm so bad at dancing that I can't even dance badly; I just don't even know what to do when music comes on haha. :o



    Getting The Hang Of Things

  • 80 posts
I LOVE to dance. My favorite styles are street and belly, contemporary (which I wish I was flexible enough to do). I like a lot of weird style too that people probably haven't heard of like tektonik, jumpstyle, crip, liquid etc. I've been told i'm pretty good and should have gone to classes to improve on what I can already do. Buuut I could never really find the time. Oh well, youtube is a place to watch some amazing dancing, when I get bored I seem to end up in that section.

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I enjoy doing the Interlude dance. That's pretty much it. :P

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