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    please vote for my website (Julie edwards) at http://www.inorecords.com/theafters/sitecontest/
  1. billy

    FYI, grl cn txt!

    heh....sending over 4000 texts a month qualifies as needing a life? *snickers* *blushes* *waltzes over to check her account online* Incoming Text Msg 4809 Outgoing Text Msg 4749 Incoming Pic Msg -2 Outgoing Pic Msg 8
  2. billy

    I like...

    I like M. Night Shyamalan movies
  3. bahahahaha! Jessica! that's so bad! *laughs* sooo bad! or....maybe.... ....... >_> ......<whispers>maybe i liked it</whispers>
  4. billy

    Your newest CD purchases/downloads?

    Unified Praise- Hillsong United and Delirious? Come Undone- Jackson Waters All The House Look The Same- Deas Vail
  5. billy

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    Reaching by Leeland
  6. Hey James! It's nice to be back Jessica....what do you think about "The Crows Feet"? Since we're old and all....
  7. dude yes...can they be track jackets? i like track jackets. I could be the baby of the gang....being the only teen left and all. *chuckles*
  8. I shall fall in line behind Jana and Whitney (even though techincally I got her before Jana did *glares her way* ) and join them as the past returns to haunt...err...i mean....meet....the present.
  9. billy

    I'm not new

    she made me want to come back too! *laughs* Welcome back...again....Whitney
  10. hey guys! been a while since i've been here. some of you may remember me...some of you may not....i know there are a lot of names i'm not recognizing...and a few i do recognize. but can y'all help me out? i made a website for the band "the afters" and i entered it into a contest. and the website that gets the most votes will win a playstion portable and a phone call from the afters. so will you please go here and vote for me (julie edwards). it will be much appreciated. and if you will, please email your friends asking them to vote for me too. only one vote is allowed per computer. also, i've had a couple friends on aol who have had trouble voting...but when they switched to internet explorer it was all good. i, however, didn't ahve any toruble voting and i'm on aol. so i'm not sure exactly what the problem. but if it doesn't work (like if it shows the results and who has whats votes and stuff) then try switching to internet explorer. thanks a ton! -Julie
  11. billy

    nerds bday

    i was coming here ot start her a birthday post...little did i know geek started it yesterday! *rolls eyes* oh well....i'll forgive you this time Happy birthday jessica!
  12. billy

    I like...

    yeah...i like geeks,losers,and nerds
  13. today we went to the lake and we get there at about 11:30 and we're gonna cookout there with my grandparents. and we swam a little first...then we ate. and we're eating and we see 2 park rangers running across the sand and get into a boat with some guy and ride off. and we're like "that was weird" then a few minutes later a fire truck and an ambulance show up. so we're trying to figure out what's going on. there were sevral boats going back and forth very slowly in the water. and they ahd blocked off one of the bathrooms and a ricnic shelter with the little police tape. and so we find out...there were 2 lit5tle boys in a boat (ages 5 and 7) and they waved down another boat and said their dad was missing. but we didn't knwo what happened...but they had the 2 little boys in the picnic shelter. when we left 3 hours after he went missing they still hadn't found him and they had 3 divers searching the water for his body. we went hoem and turned on the news and they said that he was fixing the tarp on his boat and the wind blew really hard and blew him in with the tarp...and they think he may have gotten tangled in the tarp and it pulled him under. they still ahven't found him...he went missing at 1 and it's now 6:30. they said he has another kid that wasn't on the boat and his wife is expecting. on the news they said his name but i didn't understand what they said his first name was but the last name was truong (he's oriental) and in our neighborhood there's this family...and their last name is truong and he got at leats 2 little boys. they used to go to school with the kids i babysit...alec was in the same class natalie was in...and they graduated form preschool togather (natalie will be 5 in august) so it's very likely he's 5. and alan was in the same class as erin and she's 7. but i don't knwo if it's them or jnot...i kinda think it is b/c they ahve a boat that usually sits in their driveway....it's sad
  14. billy


    yes ti does indeed...you wanna come to nc and make me one? currently i don't ahve a real job...i just babyist...my only regular babyistting job is for 3 girls who are practically my little sisters...they're brats and don't listen to anything but i love theml...they're my favorite babysitting job. once we move though...i won't have any of my babysitting jobs so i'm gonna ahve to get a real job...and i'd like it to be at delias...so i can get the cute little name tag and store discounts...but there is no delias there.there's 4 delias in nc 1 is 10 minutes away, 1 is 15 minutes away, 1 is 30 minutes away, and one is about 2 hours away...but none at the beach...they seriously need one
  15. yeah...i've been missing everuone too