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  1. ILuvCheese

    Harry Potter

    I jsut started reading this thread so i don't know if anything has been said to this or where you all are at in the conversation. But i would have to say you're wrong there. The spells are real.
  2. ILuvCheese

    My Story

    You seem to be having trouble with tenses. (you asked for advice to make it better)
  3. ILuvCheese


    yay, good point as well, my mom mentioned that too. Notice I give credit to my mom. I know nothing about these things.
  4. ILuvCheese


    that would be a very good answer if the question was dealing with Jesus having two fathers.... My mom said she was looking online or somewhere about it and found that in the bible when they say "*name*, son of *name" they're not actually saying that he is the son of that man, it's just showing he's a descendent of that man. Make sense? hope that helps
  5. ILuvCheese


    I just talked to my mom about these "contradictions" for the first one she said that in the bible it doesn't differenciate (sp) who is the grandfather or who is the father and so on, so one could be a father, one could be a grandfather. For the second one she explained to me that they didn't say that those were his last words, they were words he spoke in the end. Just b/c one person says he said something doesn't mean he didn't say something else that someone else says he said. wow, tongue tie. It's like if you and i were telling the same story and you give different information than i do but we are both telling the truth. I don't nkow how to word all of this.
  6. ILuvCheese

    Let's Get Random!

    My mom flipped to some praise channel and Elvis Presley's step brother was on!!! I looked up to se who was talking and I thought "wow, he looks SOOO familiar. I know I know him" Then my mom said, "was he a speaker at a camp or something" and that's when it clicked. I'm happy!!!! His hairs kinda funky.
  7. ILuvCheese

    Picture Post

    Here's a recent one of me in Jax for a Plus One/ Telecast/ Hawk Nelson. (check out Hawk Nelson when you get a chance)
  8. ILuvCheese


    First I was reading what clothing items you all "can't live without" and then I clicked to the last page and you're talking about flying. I'm not sure what went on in between, but that's a big jump from one subject to another . Just thought that was funny.
  9. ILuvCheese

    I dislike...

    I dislike that I haven't been here in a while so I don't know what anyone's talking about.
  10. ILuvCheese

    Let's Get Random!

    a guy at church is wearing a kilt to youth group next wednesday night upon my request. I feel so special.
  11. ILuvCheese

    I like...

    i like that tomorrow is my last day of school and then i graduate on saturday!!!!
  12. ILuvCheese

    I like...

    I like showers
  13. ILuvCheese

    I dislike...

    I dislike that it feels like forever ahead before I graduate!!!
  14. ILuvCheese


    i wanna hear more!!!
  15. ILuvCheese

    oooh mr bush...

    the useless fact of the day on the school announcements today was that Bush's I.Q. is 92