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  1. Brandy

    What Makes You Smile?

    I'm so glad that Captain Jack still makes you smile!
  2. Brandy

    What Makes You Smile?

    God's faithfulness makes me smile!
  3. Brandy

    Spring Pictures

    Long time, no post, eh? This is a shot I took at a river near my house. Some random flowers in my yard... A prettiful Florida sunset
  4. Brandy

    What Makes You Smile?

    Having tomorrow off makes me smile!
  5. Brandy

    Let's Get Random!

    Tell her I'll be praying!
  6. Brandy

    Let's Get Random!

    I miss this place. I miss you guys! You, Nerd, Loser, Jessica, Jana, Julie, James, etc...so much fun!
  7. Brandy


    Hey Miss Thang! Happy Birthday! I hope its great. Oh and by the way, it was really great talking to you the other day. How are things? Any better? Still prayin..
  8. Brandy

    Let's Get Random!

    Awww, Depp! Those were the good ol' days. When all we did was talk about POTC...lol Question for you guys. Does Rebecca Zappe still visit here?
  9. Brandy

    Let's Get Random!

    oooh pickles! yummy! I went to see Polar Express tonight. For a children's movie, that thing was intense!
  10. Brandy

    Let's Get Random!

    **sneaks in!** Hey Everyone!! Long time no post! I hope you all have been doing super! I've been praying for you guys! Have blessed evenings!
  11. take the lady on her death bed...maybe you can introduce her to Christ!
  12. Brandy


    aww thanks girls!
  13. JESS!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey girl! I still pop in here from time to time. It sure has grown a lot since the beginings, huh? I'm glad to hear that things have been going well God-wise with you. I still read your journal from time to time. lol! I am definitely staying busy with school and the like. My life is so chaotic sometimes! anyhoo - glad to see you're back!
  14. Brandy

    last concert you went to

    haha! you're in luck! he'll be there on Oct 24th at the Twin Rivers Worship Center at 7p.m. contact info #:440.808.0200 if you can make it, I highly suggest you go. with J they aren't "concerts" its all worship and you will feel God's presence the ENTIRE night. oh and others on his tour are Building429 and Adam Watts. You should definitely go!
  15. Brandy

    last concert you went to

    my last one was Casting Crowns and my next one is Jeremy Camp for the 3rd and 4th times on Nov 19th and 20th