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    scattered words and empty thoughts<br>seem to pour from my heart<br>i've never felt so torn before<br>seems i don't know where to start<br>but it's now that i feel<br>your grace fall like rain<br>from every fingertip <br>washing away my pain<br>--jeremy camp, i still believe
  1. thesophistry

    Anyone on right NOW?

    HERE HERE HERE HERE!!! Here I am. Haha. I was just going through topics and I saw that almost a year and a half ago I started this thread...and I started to read through it. Haha. I was such a dork a year ago. I don't even like my username anymore. And my signature really needs to be changed...how long has it been the same? Wow, I've changed a lot since last year. Anyway... So basically this post is a rambling. But how is everyone doing--a year later? hah.
  2. thesophistry

    Would you rather...?

    i'd have to say motorola... would you rather dive into green jello or chocolate pudding?
  3. thesophistry


    no, we don't...but as long as we have Jesus on our side, we can wait for that day without fear. if you're feeling lonely and need a friend, Jesus is there for you! and He always will be. what comforts me when I'm feeling alone and lost in the world is to know that Jesus knows exactly how you feel...He went through everything you are experiencing. i'll be praying, and if you ever need to talk...i'm here
  4. thesophistry

    car accident

    on saturday morning, there was a car accident in which a pickup truck tried to make a u-turn and drove into the path of an oncoming tractor trailer. three people i know personally were in the pickup truck. two of them are out of the hospital, but one of those two has to remain in bed for the next two weeks. her name is Tori, my best friend. the third girl I know, Brianna, is still in the hospital, and though she is not doing as well as Tori and Jean--the other girl I knew--, she will recover, but slowly. There were six people in the car, and one passed away. The driver is in intensive car, as far as I know. One girl was pronounced dead at the scene...I'm not sure about the sixth passanger. Please pray for this situation. There are so many hurting people...I, along with all those people, would appreciate it so very much. I am praising God that no one else was killed in this accident. Please also pray for the driver of the pickup truck. I am not sure if she has been told that a girl passed away because of the accident, but I pray that she will be able to forgive herself. Thank you so much.
  5. thesophistry

    Your fave Book from the Bible

    I like the Corinthians, as well. Also, the Psalms are great, and Ephesians.
  6. thesophistry

    FOOD FIGHT!!!!

    i sit in the corner. i do not like food fights.
  7. thesophistry

    I like...

    i like that my brother is home from basic training and schooling. he's been gone sixth months, and now he's BACK and...we're having a party for him today
  8. thesophistry

    i am a <><. ru 1 2?

    Alison I love Jesus!
  9. thesophistry

    Let's Get Random!

    feel better!!
  10. Hey everyone! I haven't been on here for nearly a year. Wow. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna stick around this time, though. So what's been happening on here the past year? What's new? Wow...it's great to be back
  11. thesophistry

    Blog time!

    Hey! Haha, I see you've checked this out! (I'm Ali. My ujournal ) Wow, that was really weird. I came on here, and I saw your little icon and I was like, "No way." Haha.
  12. I haven't been here in forever! I miss talking to you. I've just been so busy lately and haven't had the time to check these boards. Hey, If you ever get bored or anything, feel free to email me, about anything! I DO check my email, and often. Haha. Well, I'll try to come back here as often as I can, but if I don't, you'll understand, right? Haha. God bless you! -Ali
  13. thesophistry


    whoa. i just noticed something. every other post is a different color. on here mine's darker...and this post will be lighter. hee
  14. thesophistry


    yeah, i'm really bored. normally i stick my tongue out at these things. name + Alison age + 13. woo! (haha, Brandy) grade + 8 birthday + 4/11 height + 5'7'', 5'8''ish. somewhere 'round there hair color + strawberry blonde eye color + they change--no, seriously. blue to greyish green shoe size + 9-11. depends on the shoe. i have big feet !favorites! color + silver tv show + i really don't have one right now. cartoon + bug's bunny cd + ...erm, kutless, or relient k's new one song + ...run--kutless, away from the sun--three doors down...i am understood?--relient k, tons more movie + Save the Last Dance--thanks Brandy, for that idea...haha, but i LOVE the movie, LOTR (both, but especially the 2nd), The Bourne Identity--good movie...a LOT more school subject + English or Espanol fruit + kiwi vegetable + red potatoes, green beans, cucumbers food + french fries...pizza. anything good and full of fat. (lol) fast food + mcdonald's or wendy's computer game + Sims drink + coke, orange juice, vanilla milkshake !this or that! circles or squares + circles popcorn or kettle corn + erm? movies or tv + movies. especially peanuts or cashews + peanuts stars or stripes + stars pink or blue + depends on the shade. i like both hugs or kisses + hugs, definetly. summer or winter + summer! spring or fall + fall. so pretty! (and my allergies are bad in the spring) glass half empty or half full + . there's not half for me. it's overflowing. "my cup runneth over" california or flordia + CA l.a or new york city + not sure. But if i had to choose...New York City george clooney or brad pitt + george clooney. =) he's...oh i dont know. brad pitt's ugly. (not really...but) tall or short + tall email or snail mail + oh i don't know. i kind of like snail mail. it gives it that hopeless romantic touch. (okay. you're thinking now...wow, this girl is WEIRD.) phone or i.m +phone, more personal donald duck or goofy + ...Pluto?? sunshine or cloudy +cloudy chicken or steak + depends tomato soup or potato soup + ...neither. scented or unscented + for what? depends clean or dirty + *CLEAN.* shoes or flip flops + flip flops !what do you think of when you hear these names! shane +a kid in my school that i don't like much wendy + pastor's wife michelle + older girl i never talk to hailey + my adoptive sister! (not really. she's my little sister's friend) nate + plus one? pierce + ouch. olivia + that adorable little girl from The Cosby Show. Haha! christy + ...not sure jacob + i love that name robbie + kid in my grade michael + someone else in my grade brendan + disney world. that one episode! haha claudia + fancy ken + barbie barry + my softball coach ryan + kid in school...a BAD kid in school william + shakespeare sally + sue tyler +moore. (mary tyler moore?) ben + 'nother kid in school TADA
  15. thesophistry


    Yeah, me too. But at Antarctica...I really don't think any of us would want to be THERE. Too cold.