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    What are you doing?

  2. shaperedneck-andrew-football

    I Think It's "Fooby"...

    Fooby is the foobiest word that I ever created. It's really amazing that, after I haven't been on here in over a year, this thread is still going. I created the word "fooby" because the word "groovy" gets on my nerves and I wanted to create my own form of slang.
  3. shaperedneck-andrew-football

    How tall are you?

    I'm 6' tall. I like pudding.
  4. shaperedneck-andrew-football

    I Think It's "Fooby"...

    It totally reeks of foobiness. Yeah!
  5. shaperedneck-andrew-football

    What would you do

    The Bible says what the Bible says. If you were worried about corruption in the church, ask the pastor if you could get a notice on what the money is spent on each month and then you could get an idea of what you are "buying" for the church. Also, forewarn your teasurer and church secretary that there will be a whole lot more money coming in. I am a Coke man. Let Pepsi give their money to someone who will drink them forever.
  6. shaperedneck-andrew-football


    My New Year's resolution is to shave. I make that one every year. Everyyear I shave sometime after New Year's and then grow my goatie back out for a while. I probably won't shave until I go back to school.
  7. shaperedneck-andrew-football

    How to say "No" to him

    I never said that Christians are better than other people. We aren't, we are just forgiven. I am no better than my former Muslim boss or Gay co-worker. We are all sinners and God loves us all equally. I never said anything to the contrary and I am sorry that you took that. I am not usually so misunderstood. I am sorry. Second, don't call me ignorant. I could wield a bunch of credentials in your face, but I won't. I am not ignorant and by calling me that, with respect to my post, you have called the Bible ignorant. Please, if you wish to call me ignorant, use Bible to back yourself up. You also completely ignored the core meaning of my post. I am sorry if how I am saying what I am saying offends you or anyone else, but it is all Bible and I cannot apologize for what the Bible says. This is what the Bible says. Sorry for the way I present it, but not for what I present. Please understand, you asked for help. I offered mine. This is good counsel. It comes from the Bible. It is wise counsel because the Bible is wise. I am not calling myself wise, but I am crediting the Bible Its due respect. You have heard my counsel. You have heard what I have to say from a biblical stand point. If you don't want my help or if you have already turned me off and will not listen to me, tell me and I won't post on this unless directly asked to. You have my word and you can take that to the bank. Sincerely, Andrew R. Kuykendall :bangin: :cowboy:
  8. shaperedneck-andrew-football

    NFL Talk

    Atlanta LOST! Yeah! I am from the great state of Georgia, but I have lost faith in Atlanta in recent years after they made some really stupid descisions. I don't much care for Vick, either. I'm a Packer fan. Today was the only time I ever rooted for the Panthers and they laid the smackdown. It was awesome.
  9. shaperedneck-andrew-football


    Only 9, huh. Man, am I sorry for you. that's a lot of injuries all at once. Anything broken or permanently damaged?
  10. shaperedneck-andrew-football

    I Think It's "Fooby"...

    What in the world is a "fooby such"? I don't get it.
  11. shaperedneck-andrew-football


    I am 6' tall and I weigh approximately 210-215lbs. I am a little fat, but I lift weights. I don't look as fat as I am. I have a large frame.
  12. shaperedneck-andrew-football

    I Think It's "Fooby"...

    It's fooby because I said it was! Deal with it.
  13. shaperedneck-andrew-football

    How to say "No" to him

    Also, the church does not have all the answers. People make mistakes. Think about this, who forgives your priest's sins? Who does he tell his sins to? God is the only one that can forgive sins. The Bible says in Hebrews "there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus." This the Bible. The Bible is never wrong. All I'm trying to say is don't go to your religion or your church teachings without first going to the Bible. Your church, my church, they are not always right. Often they can err and fall. God is perfect. Hebrews also says God is "the same yesterday, today and forever." He started perfect and will end perfect, only He is eternal and has no end. He will always be perfect. If He is perfect and He "wrote" the Bible by using human authors who wrote down His very words, His Word, The Bible, is perfect. And if He never changes, neither does His Word. You can always trust Him. If you can always trust Him, always trust His Bible. If your boy won't listen to the Bible, get rid of him and tell him to get lost. :bangin: :cowboy:
  14. shaperedneck-andrew-football

    How to say "No" to him

    haha ya thanks. im not going to break up with my boyfriend, and it is kind of frustrating that people keep telling me to do so. hes NOT a bad person. he loves me and hes a very good boyfriend. other then the sex thing, our relationship is perfect. im not going to end a relationship over the fact that we have different view and that its not even his fault that he thinks this, he was brought up that way. im asking for a way to explain it to him so that he'll understand. because even if he says ok we dont have to have sex, i want him to understand why we cant have sex. people who have different views then christians arent bad people at all, and they dont desirve to be broken up with because they were taught something different. hes a very good person who has just made some bad choices, and i know he respects me. 350746[/snapback] [/b] this is the last post I read In what you have said you have just discredited the Bible. The Bible, God's Holy and Precious Word, says that we (Christians [i'm guessing you call yourself that]) are not to be "unequally yoked with unbelievers" and that means we are not be their boyfriends, girlfriends or party friends. If we know and acknowledge that someone does not believe in Christ or has a view opposite from the Bible on something as critical as moral purity before marriage we are to mark them and have no fellowship with them. This is what it says. Read it. It's in I & II Corinthians and other places. Paul spoke on it several times, as did many other biblical writers. You wanna know what to do, you should quit asking us and look to God and His Holy Word and then decide. Don't get mad at me. God said it. The Bible says it. You wanna be mad, get mad at them. Sorry if the way I present this offends you, but I am not sorry for what I have said. It's the Bible. :bangin: :cowboy:
  15. shaperedneck-andrew-football

    Anyone on right NOW?

    yeah, I'm on