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  1. Ok so, I've been "dating" this person for about three weeks now. We've hit it off great: spending alot of time together and even planned a vacation for this weekend. Well this person is out of work for "medical leave' because of depression. They say to me all the time "Don't get too hooked on me because I'm not sure if I'm ready for a relationship yet due to my recovery." I said "Oh that's fine, we won't label our relationship anything right now, just see where it goes." This person kept reassuring me of trying not to get hooked on their recovery. HOWEVER, yesterday we go out for a lunch date in awkward silence and they tell me "Oh, I might be going on another date tonight, so don't get mad if I do." Now this person does tend to have a VERY sarcastic personality so the whole "other date" thing was kind of hard to believe. However, since then my phone calls or texts have not been being answered. It's one thing to tell me you're not ready for a relationship because of your mental stability but then to go on a date with another guy?? Really?? I don't know what to do. I'm just tired of these kinds of people. Any advice on how to just find someone decent to date and not deal with constant liars and manipulators?
  2. I've tried minding my own business, but he won't freakin learn. This woman doesn't know how to drop her drama bags at the front door and leave them there. She made him so angry today, that he slammed the backdoor and made the wine glasses fall off the kitchen shelf leaving me to clean it up while he went to go get more alcohol to drown out his from her. I can't take her anymore. I want her G-O-N-E!! She does nothing but suck the emotions out of him. I even texted her and pretended I didn't know the whole story asking why they were fighting so much and her reply was "he just got upset at something i said". She's a compulsive liar who has no conscience!!!
  3. Hey everyone, So here's my situation.... I live in a house with my roommate (aka Charlie). Charlie is one of my best friends, best roommates i've ever had. Lately, he has been seeing this girl (we will call her Sally). Well, little miss Sally used to be a cool chick. She used to be cool to hangout with, laugh with and what not. A few months ago Charlie found out that Sally was cheating on him behind his back with her ex. He and Sally fought until they could fight no more. After that turmoil, I kinda lost all respect for Sally. She had always been into drugs, anorexia, and living the Paris Hilton lifestyle (she's one of those people who carries her dog in her purse, overloads on perfume, and mommy and daddy pay for everything, and she hops from one part time job which one day a week to the other because she keeps getting fired). Well eventually Charlie and Sally kinda made up but Charlie really didn't trust her until she could prove it. Since then, it has been nothing but constant fights between the two of them. I have seen my roommate go downhill from there and she is always driving him to that direction. Today, he had found out AGAIN she's been having sex with her ex for two weeks now while trying to re-establish her relationship with my roommate. It's like she has no conscience and doesn't seem to care what happens. She thinks she hasnt done anything wrong. My roommate made her text her ex and say that she's going to be with my roommate and what not but he drank himself to sleep tonight which is abnormal for him. I honestly, dont like her, have no respect for her. She's an emotional vampire that doesnt realize how much she's hurting my roommate. I want to tell her to stop coming over to our house and to just leave him alone. She knows she manipulating both my roommate and her ex into thinking that they are together. I've tried talking to him but he already knows the damage thats been done to him but he keeps falling for her false pleas and guilt trips. What do i do??
  4. I went through this too. I used to think family being all up in your business was so annoying and so stupid. I wanted to move out so badly and just have friends and relationships. BOYYY was i wrong!! You never know the strength and value of what family means to you until you truly see they have your back. I may have thought that they were all up in my business and frustrating, but when I was abused by two of my ex's , my family came to my rescue. I am forever grateful for them and though we have our moments, I look back and say "Why the heck would I ever think they were annoying?"
  5. Hey guys! So I just got out of an abusive situation with an ex of mine. Long story short: It's over and time for me to actually be a 22 year old guy with friends and some kind of life thats not tied to someone like a ball and chain. I'm in the recovery stages and am attending therapy sessions biweekly. This is helping me out a lot by discovering things I enjoy doing and connecting with other people and learning to interact in the world. But lately, I'm running into a couple of problems. 1. I just stopped isolating myself from my family because is gone and I can now be a part of the family again. I love them dearly and they'd do anything for me. They even helped me get out of my abusive situation. Here's what I'm running into though: I've been making a ton of friends while going out or at my new job and they are great friends. One family member that I am particularly close to doesnt seem to understand why I would be making all these friends. She keeps asking "Who is it? Why won't you tell me who it is?" Well I'd tell her but, it's a whole bunch of people. New faces every week! I have told her time and time again that I am just making friends thats all. She doesn't seem to trust me and I don't know what to do. This lack of trust is really getting to us because she keeps getting angry with me and won't give me any kind of good attitude at all. It's like Ok im 22 and single and I want to go out and have a little fun, meanwhile just making friends and not dating people. What can I do about the constant questions, bad attitude, and lack of trust especially after talking and talking about it all to her time and time again? 2. Another problem I am running into is keeping my finances in order. I am always running low on money. I've stepped up to the plate and found some extra ways to earn extra money outside of my full time job but I keep spending it on things like sodas, food, and things I don't need. It's bad!! This week, I'm running on 20 bucks till friday and I have a truck that gets 13 miles to the gallon on gas, there's no way ill survive!! Also, people keep paying for me to do things but I'm so tired of being low on cash. I have to pay rent and a phone bill this next paycheck so I'll be broke for another 2 weeks at least. I have no idea what to do :/. I don't have time for a second job with school coming up either. Thanks for letting me rant! Just let me know what u think about all this! Thanks!! Bradley
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    1. I am glad youre gone. You don't have to ruin my life anymore with you crap and the mess you put me through. And you compare what you did to me to something so small? Shows how much you really care, using someone because they have things that you dont. And you put your mother through the manipulation process too? Shes an innocent woman!! Certify your stupid letter because safety to me is more important than some stupid memories 2. You are weird, gross, and I hope I did not get what you have. If i did, im going to never forgive myself. 3. Why am I so worried? My anxiety is up and You are the one I need right now. God please relieve me of all this nerve and anxiety. I dont know what im doing. Please God help me!
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    Oh my gosh! I am finally free of having you in my life!!I can breathe!! I'm not stuck to a permanent ball and chain anymore! I love this feeling!! Your abuse is no longer in my life, your hands are no longer hurting my body, your words are no longer tearing me down!! I love this feeling!! Now time to tell you how I really feel, I can't believe you would equate extreme physical and mental abuse to "rough housing" and tell everybody i am lying about this whole thing. You are a manipulative low life with no respect for me at all. Yet you cry to me as your "little brother" and "family you never had". How about someone who lets you use them for their vehicle since yours is broken, for their money to steal since they make more than you and twice as hard as you ever have in your life put together, for their housing because you dont have a place to live, and for their skills because you know under your command they will listen to you. You are such a low life and honestly, I am glad you are now homeless. I know its not very Christ-like to say that, but I am glad you are def homeless. You'll survive sine you think you're so much better than everybody else and all grown up. You really are a child with an anger problem. I can't stand you, nor do I truly love you. Maybe if I see you on the street holding up a "need a job", ill give you a quarter, eh no I won't. You don't deserve it, inhumane and cruel person. Im praying for you hard man.
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    I'm back! :D

  10. BRAD OMG ITS YOU. i missed you! what's going on?

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    Prostate Cancer

    Sounds like a Urinary Tract Infection or Enlarged Prostate (not saying I'm a doctor nor do i have the certificiations to give you legal medical advice but I do work in a hospital in surgery). Go to a urologist!!
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    The First Annual Census on Sexuality

  13. honestly! I am so tired of every post reading how someone has to condemn someone or they have to pick a fight! What happened to us being real christians? Didn't God command us to love one another? Lately, ive noticed that ctf is nothing but fighting even in a simple post!