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  1. It seems like everytime I pop in here there's only like 5 people on ....Summer is boring and I need something to do! lol

    1. Yoda


      You can post in Bored!

  2. It's early and I'm bored.

  3. Had a bad week and it just got worse :(

  4. You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.

  5. "Be strong" I whispered to my wifi signal

  6. Have you ever tried to get your name to show up as the first post on every thread? WITHOUT spamming? I'm seriously considering trying it...

    1. Zabby


      Huw did it once, but I think he was spamming

  7. Yay! I found it. Noone was there. So I did a happy dance all by myself because I just felt too nostalgic. lol thanks!

  8. Alright, we will call it even then. Where did you go for your honeymoon?

  9. Huw! I heard you were getting married, Congratulations! or wait, are you already married? did I miss it?

  10. Just thought I would say that I also adore your avie :D

  11. how come everyone's thing is in latin or something?

    PS I so could have proabably tagged you just now and you would have been none the wiser :P

  12. Im doing well! Going to a youth rally this weekend. What about you

  13. should be stuffed through your nose and eaten in moderation?

  14. Thats good. but yeah Im really dissapointed cause I had a lot of friends on there that hardly get on anymore. Oh well I still like the new forums :D

  15. Colton with a B! How goes it?

  16. Pretty good! and yourself? I just realized tho that this new board has wiped out my friend list from before :o