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  1. caringo

    I need some advice

    dont go after him. PLEASE. dont ask him out. if he doesnt show interest in you, he either doesnt like you, which is a possibility, or he's not man enough to make the first move, and therefore not for you. you deserve to be chased!
  2. caringo

    thank god for guys!

    amen sista..so many girls i know are gossipy, cliquey, or just plain clingy. i do have a close group of about 6 church girlfriends, but theyre about my closest...
  3. caringo

    Giving out your #

    haha, i was gunna mention that! i dont think id ever really give it out to anyone, unless it was some jerk or creep or something...
  4. caringo

    How do you react if a guy...

    eh, well i've never had a guy actually come up to me face to face and tell me that...usually their friend does, or they tell me over IM...usually my response is "well that's interesting."
  5. caringo

    Children with divorced parents

    eh, not so sure about that..i mean, if, say, Billy Graham decided to go to a bar, got drunk, started drinking all the time, i don't think he'd be doing God's total plan for his life..
  6. caringo

    Quotable Quotes

    lol, that's on the princess diaries... i got this from a Christian book: "Good, better, best, Never let it rest Until your good is better, And your better best."
  7. caringo

    who should be older

    eh, i put boy, but it really doesnt matter that much to me...it is kinda creepy tho when the girl is alot older than the guy.
  8. caringo


    really? hmm...cuz i think saying "oh my god" its a pretty unChristian thing to do...but maybe that's not what you're talking about. ?
  9. caringo

    Giving out your #

    eh, well i've never really been asked for my number randomly...usually its a guy i know, and i usually ask for his number when he asks for mine.
  10. caringo


    ok, i'll try to keep this short. i joined a christian homeschool group last school year. its really cool, and theres lots of opportunites for homeschooled kids that arent able to do what normal kids can...but i noticed that alot of the "christian" kids, many who are my friends...well, you can't really tell the difference between them and non-Christians. i mean, they cuss (not usually too bad, but they use the Lord's name in vain and a couple of the "milder" cuss words), they gossip ALOT, disobey their parents often, and other things like that... anyways, lately ive been concerned about one of the girls my age. recently she went to a camp and said her life was turned around and she wants to follow Jesus, but...i haven't really noticed any outward difference. she still openly uses God's name in vain, along with some other notsogreat words, and she's still one of the more...prominent gossipers. recently i brought this up as i was talking to her, and told her i was concerned(i made sure that she knew i wasnt being "holier than thou", i told her about three times), because i noticed that her outward appearance was not one of a born-again Christian. she replied with "we all have our faults, so do you" and "people always gossip about me, which makes me mad, and so i start cursing". she even told me that some people in this homeschool group thought i was a hypocrite because i tell people not to do stuff and then i turn around and do it (she was talking about flirting, but i dont really flirt at all). well, at the end of the convo, i thought we were good, but apparently, i was wrong..my guy friend, who's also her friend, called me the next day and told me that she had called him after our convo and said i had told her she wasn't a Christian and that i was being all high and mighty and all this stuff...so now, she doesn't talk to me in person or on IM or anything..before this, we weren't best friends, but we were friendly towards each other, but now i feel like i might have ruined my friendship with her and with her other friends who i'm sure she told all this to... does anyone have any advice? cuz ive never really been in this situation and i don't know what to do...
  11. caringo

    Cell Phones

    pink moto razr! w00t
  12. caringo

    Prince of Persia

    so i was looking for game demos and i saw this game...anyone played it? the review looked pretty good, but i don't really know what it is...
  13. caringo

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    hey there delilah - plain white t's ----GREAT song!
  14. caringo

    Be the persuer or the purseued?

    haha thanks...maybe sometimes
  15. caringo


    as Christian girls, its our responsibility to take it as far as it needs to go so we don't make guys stumble...just sayin.