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    I'm a 22 year old secondary education social studies major. I'm IFB and I'm dating a guy from these very forums-we're almost to three years. :)
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    South Carolina
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    Photography, School, Texting, Phone calls, my boyfriend, Church, my puppy Oliver, reading, dresses, stars, snow, fuzzy warm blankets.
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  1. Jehovah'sdaughter

    "SOPA: The bill that could kill the Internet"

    They better not kill pinterest.
  2. Jehovah'sdaughter

    Don't take candy from strangers!

    The gummy bear thing actually isn't new. and no, it's not a hoax.
  3. Jehovah'sdaughter

    Voting for the 2011 Boardies!

    Miscellaneous Category Favorite Old Member (3+ years): VGrace Favorite Newbie (Registered Since July 1st 2011): Craziest Forum Poster: The Most Quotable Poster: Best Pair of CTF Friends: The Cutest CTF Married Couple: The CTF Couple that Should Be, But Isn't: The Cutest Real Life CTF Couple: Favorite Non-Christian Member: The Favorite Member 'Down Unda' (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, etc.): YODA Favorite European Member: SKYWATCHER Favorite North American Member: The Most Missed Member: The Most Inspiring member: The Most Humble member: The Sweetest member:SHIELD OF FAITH The Most Sarcastic Poster: Random Category The Most Likely to Fail at Life (in a humorous, not serious, impersonal, joking, we still love you way): Most Likely to be Eaten by a Dinosaur: Most Likely to be Smote by God: Most Likely to become ban-fodder or be suspended: Most likely to never leave CTF: Most Likely to make a really awkward joke: CASSIE Biggest Spammer: The Schmecksiest Guy: The Schmecksiest Girl: The Girliest Member: The Manliest Member: Best Facial Hair: Most Improved Member: CTF’s Biggest Joker: Unsung Hero (This is an opportunity to nominate someone that no one else really notices, but you've noticed): The Intellectual Category The Best Debater: The Most Ruthless Debater: The Poster with the Worst Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation: The Biggest Grammar Nazi: The Biggest Bible-thumper: The Best Advice-Giver:HALEY GIRL 16 Best News Views Poster:REINCARNATE Best Poll-Poster:MADAM CAPTAIN The Strutting Your Stuff Category Best Screen Name: Most Aesthetically Appealing Signature: Funniest Signature: Most Aesthetically Appealing Avatar: Funniest Avatar: The Funniest Poster: The Wittiest Poster: Favorite Musician: Best Poet: Best Photographer: VGRACE Best Rpg-er: AMBASSADOR The Chat Category Most Random Chatter: Most Talkative Chatter: Craziest Chatter:CASSIE The Staff Category The Strictest Mod OR Admin OR Counselor:ZABBY The Silliest Mod OR Admin OR Counselor: Favorite Mod OR Admin OR Counselor:YODA Man of the Year (>1.5 CTF years old): Woman of the Year (>1.5 CTF years old):
  4. Jehovah'sdaughter


    Thanks everyone! Well, we are thinking June 7th 2013. We aren't for sure yet, but it will definitely be a month or two after we both graduate college. ---------- Post added at 09:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:48 PM ---------- And yes, Evan, it's about time lol
  5. Jehovah'sdaughter


    I'm engaged! James(And1kid0) proposed to me Saturday night <3 the ring Us the dozen roses waiting on my table at the restaurant My ring! this guy on the right posed as our waiter, bringing out the dessert and the ring. He is our best friend and helped James orchestrate everything
  6. Jehovah'sdaughter

    What will your kids and grandkids call you?

    Kids will call me Mom or Mamma and grandkids will call me either grandma or Nanna, etc. Whatever they choose, I guess, as long as it isn't memaw >.<
  7. Jehovah'sdaughter

    Does anybody else think...

    I play the android version of tiny wings-moon chaser. and I like angry birds. It's cool.
  8. Jehovah'sdaughter

    Would you?!

    I have never dated a guy with kids. That i'm aware of. But I would. Though, I never have to worry about it. My love doesn't have kids.
  9. Jehovah'sdaughter

    Do You Wear Tampons

    Ha. This thread makes me laugh. Rather, the person who started it. Sinners for wearing tampons. xD Bunch of Bull. But no, I don't wear tampons. They aren't comfortable to me. Meh.
  10. Jehovah'sdaughter

    For you Bronies out there

    a...bronie? huh?
  11. Jehovah'sdaughter

    engagement photo session? ideas please?

    I take pictures of that all the time, lol. Eating junkfood and hanging out and stuff. I want *special* pictures that will always be something i'm proud of and something unique and plus it's a chance to get fancy
  12. Jehovah'sdaughter

    engagement photo session? ideas please?

    Eating junk food? lol
  13. Jehovah'sdaughter

    Registered to Vote?

    I vote for everything I can. Past five years.
  14. Jehovah'sdaughter


    I didn't have a boyfriend until 19, Haley.
  15. Jehovah'sdaughter


    That sounds horrible.