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    College kid going for a computer science major. Although a lot of people tell me I should be a teacher or a youth minister and do computers on the side.
    I've been with the same girl for six years now. Yes we plan on getting married.
    Always playing video games or reading in my spare time from work and school.
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    Your worst nightmare
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    Computers, Video Games, and Reading
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    Food court in a grocery store
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  1. Happy birthday!!!! 

  2. Happy birthday! (Not that you'll see this message...)

  3. how come everyone's thing is in latin or something?

    PS I so could have proabably tagged you just now and you would have been none the wiser :P

  4. Lurking on profiles?

    You should know that is not good for your health. :D

  5. Just Another Follower

    Boys VS Girls - The Saga!

    We have conversations in this game now? 520
  6. Just Another Follower


    Today's one of two of my days off Jordan. Don't plan on going in.
  7. Just Another Follower


    Anyone want to go to class for me?
  8. Just Another Follower

    Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

    So if anyone is still playing I found an online connection. Well actually two but I can't use one anymore seeing as it's at my girlfriends house and she's going off to college tomorrow. But I can get on at my college. Might be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from about 9:30 to about 10:45 Central Time.
  9. should be stuffed through your nose and eaten in moderation?

  10. Just Another Follower

    some help

    Yeah that's about the only way to truly protect your card. That or card protection from the provider/bank/protection company.
  11. Just Another Follower

    Heh D;

    Why do we even have a stealing option? Or the fire a moderator?