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  1. JordanHooker

    close family member

    they found out that she is having seizures. would you all please pray for her, she isn't even 8 months old yet
  2. JordanHooker

    close family member

    hey everyone, a close family member of mine has gone unconscious a could times since sunday. she is a baby and they don't know what's wrong with her. could y'all please pray for her healing? thank you all
  3. JordanHooker

    Father gets on the bus...

    Well, parents have a pesky little way of thinking their kid is perfect. Never does anything wrong. So I do say he was wrong to threaten them in this manner, but he could have said something else to them without using this kind of speech.
  4. Biggie Smalls! :D

    "And if ya don't know, now ya know!"

  5. JordanHooker

    Police continue to harass citizens who record them

    I did see a video some years back from new york i believe. A gang of police officers (maybe 5 or 7) were beating this guy really badly and when they saw that there was someone recording it, they threatened him too. Pushed him around and all that good stuff. In the black community, we have been aware that cops acted like this. It has only been in recent years, however, that the white community's also realized this.
  6. JordanHooker

    Father gets on the bus...

    ...and was ready to let his daughter's bullies have it..... http://today.newsvine.com/_news/2010/09/17/5127945-father-investigated-after-boarding-school-bus-#comments ...and was gonna give the bus driver some too...
  7. JordanHooker

    Why Innocent People Confess...

    I like that, Jarrax
  8. JordanHooker

    Why Innocent People Confess...

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39166049/ns/us_news-the_new_york_times/?GT1=43001 It's That Real
  9. JordanHooker

    Name your favorite song by each band you listen to :)

    Richard Smallwood & Vision: Angels (youtube it) Tonex: Restoration Lamar Campbell: More Than Anything Maurette Brown Clark: It Aint Over Richard Smallwood & Vision: Psalm 8 Kirk Franklin: Up Above My Head Kirk Franklin: It's Over Now
  10. JordanHooker

    Question for those who make music!

    well what kind of music is this? isn't it true that genres of music have very common/ popular chord progressions that are more common than others? why not try some of those and modify them as you see fit? i don't think it will hurt to try, at least.
  11. JordanHooker

    Reid speaks out

    let me give you an honest Black person's response. there's a big difference between Strom and Reid...Strom was a racist, a person that honestly believed that whites were superior to blacks and that they should remain separate (all the while fathering a half black child). Reid just said that people would accept Obama because he is light skinned and doesn't talk like the stereotypical black person....and get this....he was right. I don't know about you, but i've lived thousands of days as a black person and what he said isn't too far from the truth. People who don't honestly know should remain silent about the matter.
  12. JordanHooker

    can lose my salvation by sinning?

    It seems like the both sides are really REACHING to get their points across in this argument. The Bible gives verses of both kind. I don't understand how. I don't know. I just know that now, I am probably just as discouraged as I've ever been to follow Christ. I feel like there's not a point because, if I have an evil thought while driving and then crash into a tree, I will not be saved. I didn't have time to ask for forgiveness for that one thing so I'm in eternally separated from God. I just don't understand. Jesus says "I will not lose one" or "none will pluck him from My hand" and then another verse will say that you have to endure until the end and that some have lost their faith. This is painful.
  13. JordanHooker

    can lose my salvation by sinning?

    You know, I'd really love to believe that. It's hard to believe in, though. Some verses say things like "no man can pluck from MY hand." and others seem to suggest that if you don't walk correctly with the Lord Jesus, you will no longer hold salvation. It's tormenting me and I don't know what to believe.
  14. JordanHooker

    New York post apoligizes for 'racist' cartoon on Obama

    Don't put words in my mouth. i didn't say that. i said "not that i'd really expect you to know." and I wouldn't. people in this country and on this site still don't fully understand it (or partially). and i really don't expect it to happen. rude? i think not. truth hurts? i think so.
  15. JordanHooker

    New York post apoligizes for 'racist' cartoon on Obama

    it sure wasn't. every other time i explain how black people feel in this country toward racism, no one but the black members understand. so, i would not expect you to understand.