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    I'm no good at this stuff, so just ask me anything you wanna know!
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    California, but moving to Wisconsin for school! (LOL not moving to Wisconsin anymore.
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    God is my main interest. But on the side I love guitar, photography, music, and helping people...and I plan on using all those in the future (being a photographer, musician, and a music therapist!
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    Full Time College/Cosmetology Student
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  1. It's okay! I don't blame you...lol I haven't been on here in a while.

  2. Hey, welcome back. ;) Sorry I don't really remember you though. :(

  3. Hello. I'm sorry, but I don't really remember you. =/

  4. Hey, don't know if you remember me or not...buuuuut hi! :]

  5. Cassie! HI :D I'm making my rounds and thought I'd say hi :]

  6. The rabbit was delicious! That picture is like...3 years old. ew.

  7. The Rabbit in ur pic looks delicious !

  8. your sigg equation is awesome!!!!!!XD

  9. geeky_guitar_gyrl

    That guy you just cant get off your mind

    Well, this guy that I really like, is a long story...but I'll give you the short version. About 3-4 years ago I had this dream about a guy and he just walked into the room, the only important details about my dream are he was wearing an aqua blue shirt and light gray jeans and in my dream on a peice of paper with his number, part of his name I could see was M-k-y, so I had a dream journal at the time and I wrote down his name as Mikey. Last year in my math class, I saw him and he looked familiar...and as you can probably see where this is headed. So that wednesday, he walks in and notice he is wearing an aqua blue shirt and gray jeans. just like my dream. And a few weeks before school started I was telling my friend that I think speech impediments are cute. Only to find, he stutters which I thought was really adorable (don't judge me ) Then pretty much we talked the entire semester...I found him on facebook because we had a mutual friend but I haven't talked to him, because he doesn't go on that much. but I pretty much fell for him, haven't seen him this semester, but then again it just started. And also, pretty much everything I prayed for, God answered whether it was a stupid little thing, but it those small things that God answered that made me keep liking him! Ugh...I fail at trying not to focus on him :/
  10. I enjoyed our conversation as well :] It was nice talking to you Matt!

  11. Chelsea i was away when you said goodnight, but nice talkin to you as well, i enjoyed our convo!

  12. geeky_guitar_gyrl

    Those Really Awesome Christian Guys<3

    Just met the guy who sits next to me in my math class. I had Jeremiah 29:11 written on my and, he asked me what it was and we just started talking...found out he plays guitar and leads worship for his church. I've been crushing on him since the first time we talked...but this just made me super happy