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    In my deer stand or on a boat in the middle of a lake.
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  1. Semper Fi bro :)

  2. I'm enlisted now, But yea, I'm not a "brat" you speak of. Some of them think they get a party card when you join... I don't.

  3. Baseball

    the CTF decline

    I just came back. Its been 2 years. I missed this place, Its changed so much.
  4. So you wanna be a marine? Good choice. They work the hardest. Well some do. Some are immature brats. Hope you enjoy it though. *Salute*

  5. Baseball

    Boxing, MMA, and Hockey Fighting

    I do MCMAP and we beat up on each other, so I don't see anything. Its just a sport really.
  6. Baseball

    Hey.......what are your hobbies?

    Racquetball, Wrestling.
  7. Baseball


    I just got sponsored in racquetball!!! I don't know what to do now. Its weird how my name is baseball.
  8. Baseball

    Do I need a new AC adaptor or battery for my laptop?

    Its prolly the battery.
  9. Baseball

    which military branch?

    I forgot Air Force... eww man!
  10. Baseball

    which military branch?

    which military branch do you like the most?
  11. Well the title says it all- I'm back. Some of you may remember me. If anybody needs something, just message me. Have a great day.
  12. Baseball

    Website help

    No.... got them from facebook... and twiter...
  13. Baseball

    Website help

    Okay, first off, Does anybody no where to get icons and such. If you know any body that can make me any can you please tell me. Visit My Website