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    "There is hope for me yet
    Because God won’t forget
    All the plans He’s made for me
    I have to wait and see
    He’s not finished with me yet"

    44 Facts about Me

    1.I am Evan.

    2. I love the Legend of Zelda

    3.I am the biggest Beatles Nerd you will ever meet. I play countless hours of Beatles Rockband when I should be doing Homework.

    4.I have every Beatles Album know to Man

    5.I have 4 Water Turtles named John,Paul,George and Ringo(After the Beatles of Course)

    6. I am Married to the Most Amazing Girl. We both have a Son his name is Jude(After The Beatles of course)

    7.I'm a Christian.

    8.I'm random.

    9.I'm in a band.

    10.I taught myself how to play the guitar when I was 6.I've been playing ever since

    11.I like to Sing.

    12.I write Songs.

    13.I like to Skateboard.

    14.I like to Surf.

    15.I like to Snowboard.

    16.I like to Wake board.

    17.I play Baseball.

    18.I'm a catcher.

    19.I have Green Eyes.

    20. I'm currently not in College

    21.I like making paperclip chains.

    22.My Favorite Color is Red.

    23.I'm lactose intolerant.

    24.I'm allergic to Grass,Dust,Pollen,Garlic,Mushrooms,Onions,Carrots,Oranges,Seafood.Asparagus and Homework.

    25.I was born with a hole in my heart.

    26.I've had 3 heart surgeries and 1 transplant.

    27. I spent most of my childhood in hospitals therefore they give me the creeps.

    28.My beard makes me look older.

    29.I like jumping off things.

    30.I've broken more bones than my age.

    32.I once stuffed 27 large grapes into my mouth. I'm trying to beat that record.

    33.I want to be a High School Youth Pastor.

    34.I have never traveled outside of my home country

    35.I have a FAT! Cat named Misty.

    36.I hate camping yet I love the outdoors.

    37.I watch the Food Network but cant cook to save my life.

    38.My friend and I once got high off of Sharpies in Spanish class.We got Detention.

    39.I can't drive a stick shift,and I refuse to learn how.

    40.I'm afraid of Semi Trucks.

    41.I once planted flowers in my kitchen when I was 10. I was sleeping at the time.

    42.I don't know how to swim. But im learning

    43.I like Pie

    44. My Favorite number is 44..
    Why CTF Rocks

    Jess asked in chat " if someone were to tell everyone that they were pregnant, would they be judged?". This is what people said!

    [JordanL] 1:13 pm: Shoot Evan's a dad and hes still a valuable member
    [SunshineSurferx] 1:13 pm: yes he is
    [SunshineSurferx] 1:13 pm: I adore Evan
    *[JesstheMess] 1:13 pm: Evan is meh fiance
    [JesstheMess] 1:13 pm: <3
    [crazyrita] 1:13 pm: I wouldn't hold it against 'em!
    [Guitarman121394] 1:13 pm: evan is awesome.
    [SunshineSurferx] 1:13 pm: someone else is prego on here!
    [Indierock'stoogood] 1:13 pm: Evan's a beast

    I love you guys too <3

    *Jess and Evan are Divorced
    The Official List of people Who want to steal Jude *You do not want to be on this list* Will be updated accordingly

    Faith (Skadaddle09)
    Kimmie (Precious)
    Micah Tyro Of Sarcalogos )
    Alli (rock4god246)
    Josh (J)

    CTF Family

    Wife: Boogles <3
    Kids:WahooPunch,Brooklyn and Jack Sparrow
    Niece: Precious
    Grandkids:Sadlypoetic and Cookie Monstah
    Son in Law: DDOG059-
    Mother: Alli
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    In your Toaster
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    Skateboarding,Sleeping,Posting/Spamming,Giving Advice,Doing my part to keep CTF a Clean,Godly and Christian Place
  • Occupation
    College Student/Baseball Player/Teenage Dad/Toast Lover
  • Denomination
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    Evan the Toast Man

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  1. Evan, hope you're feeling better! CTF is so weird without you! :( We miss you! I'm still praying for you too! :hug:

  2. Hey- I hope you're getting better

  3. Hope you are getting better! Have a very merry Christmas!

  4. ShieldOfFaith

    Pray for Evan (ShieldOfFaith)

    Hi gauise ive gota bad infection on a valve in me heart and as you know I have heart problems and if your know me well enough this is a transplanted heart if the antibiotics dont work I might need surgery. Unfortunately I will be here here through Christmas -Evan
  5. I drew you a picture, but the url didnt work out so you can get it on my profile picture. Hope you feel butter!*

  6. ShieldOfFaith

    Pray for Evan (ShieldOfFaith)

    Hi gauise still here got a buncha stuff in me and im tired I would be doomed without the hospital wi-fi im tired so im not gonna be on much prayers still needed. -Evan
  7. I hope you feel better! How are you doing?

  8. ShieldOfFaith


    not that many people know what Codebearer is I mean I never even heard of it til I met you
  9. ShieldOfFaith


    Chad I think she means the settings is gone like talked about in this thread http://www.christianteenforums.com/showthread.php?77824-%BFDonde-es-mi-quot-settings-quot-bot%F3n
  10. ShieldOfFaith

    Would You Rather

    No Ben
  11. ShieldOfFaith

    CTF Marriages

    oh well I wouldnt do that
  12. ShieldOfFaith

    CTF Marriages

    I dun like being annoyededed